Plunder (expansion)

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Plunder (expansion)
Plunder (expansion).jpg
Type Extra-large Expansion
Icon Plunder (expansion) icon.png
Cards 500
400 (40 sets)
Other Card(s)
  • 30 Loot cards
  • 15 Traits
  • 15 Events
  • Treasures
  • Durations
  • Loot
Release December 19, 2022
Cover artist Franz Vohwinkel
Official Rulebook PDF
You may be looking for the card, PlunderPlunder.jpg

Plunder is the 15th expansion to Dominion. The box contains 40 sets of Kingdom cards and other cards. It introduces Loot and Traits.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards

[edit] Loot cards

non-Supply cards; 15, 2 of each:

[edit] Events

15, 1 of each:

[edit] Traits

15, 1 of each:
CheapCheap.jpg, CursedCursed.jpg, FatedFated.jpg, FawningFawning.jpg, FriendlyFriendly.jpg, HastyHasty.jpg, InheritedInherited.jpg, InspiringInspiring.jpg, NearbyNearby.jpg, PatientPatient.jpg, PiousPious.jpg, RecklessReckless.jpg, RichRich.jpg, ShyShy.jpg, TirelessTireless.jpg

[edit] Additional rules

[edit] Durations

Plunder has Duration cards.

  • Duration cards are orange, and have abilities that affect future turns.
  • Duration cards are not discarded in Clean-up if they have something left to do [on a future turn]; they stay in play until the Clean-up of the last turn that they do something.
  • Additionally, if a Duration card is played extra times by a card such as [Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, ScepterScepter.jpg, MastermindMastermind.jpg, SpecialistSpecialist.jpg or FlagshipFlagship.jpg], that card also stays in play until the Duration card is discarded, to track the fact that the Duration card was played extra times.
  • Keep track of whether or not a Duration card was played on the current turn, such as by putting your cards into two lines.
  • Many Duration cards in Plunder are Treasures. These are just like normal Treasures, except that they stay in play until they're done doing things, like other Durations do.
  • Some Duration cards in Plunder do something the "next time" a certain thing happens. That thing could happen the same turn, or many turns later; these may sit in play turn after turn until finally the thing happens. For example you could play a Secluded ShrineSecluded Shrine.jpg and two CoppersCopper.jpg, buy a SilverSilver.jpg, and immediately trash two cards from your hand, discarding Secluded Shrine that turn. Or you could buy a StowawayStowaway.jpg instead, and leave Secluded Shrine in play for next turn.

[edit] Loot

See the Loot page.

[edit] Events

Plunder has Events, which first appeared in AdventuresAdventures.jpg. In your Buy phase, when you can buy a card, you can buy an Event instead. You pay the cost indicated on the Event and then do its effect.

  • Events are not Kingdom cards; they sit on the table and provide an effect you can buy. There is no way for you to gain one or end up with one in your deck.
  • Buying an Event uses up a Buy; normally you can either buy a card, or buy an Event. If you have two Buys, such as after playing [RangerRanger.jpg, VillaVilla.jpg, SanctuarySanctuary.jpg, or Sack of LootSack of Loot.jpg], you can buy two cards, or buy two Events, or buy a card and an Event (in either order).
  • The same Event can be bought multiple times in a turn if you have the Buys and $ available to do it.
  • You cannot play further Treasures that turn after buying an Event.
  • Buying an Event is not buying a card and so does not trigger cards like [Swamp HagSwamp HagOld2.jpg, CharmCharmOld.jpg, or HagglerHagglerOld2.jpg].
  • Costs of Events are not affected by cards like BridgeBridge.jpg (from Dominion: IntrigueIntrigue2.jpg).

[edit] Traits

Plunder has Traits, which are a new kind of landscape card that affects a single Action or Treasure pile. At the start of a game with a Trait, choose a random Action or Treasure Kingdom card pile to put the Trait on; then during that game, cards from that pile are affected as indicated on the Trait.

  • Traits are not Kingdom cards, and are never bought or gained.
  • Traits only go on Kingdom cards, not on e.g. SilverSilver.jpg or the Ruins pile (from Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg).
  • Don't put two Traits on the same pile.
  • Traits refer to the pile using the name of the Trait; for example PiousPious.jpg refers to "Pious cards." That just means, any card from that pile.
  • A Trait on a split pile (from EmpiresEmpires.jpg and AlliesAllies.jpg) affects all of those different cards.
  • Traits continue to affect the cards from a pile even after the pile is empty.

[edit] Flavor text

Across the sea, they have so much stuff. And it’s so much better than your stuff. Finer craftsmanship. Better quality materials. Shinier. They have crowns, tiaras, and diadems – and that’s just the hats. It’s time to get some of that stuff. You want an easy life, and you’re prepared to work hard for it. So you’ve rounded up some old salty dogs, plus a sourpuss and a bitter goldfish. And set sail. The sea is a harsh mistress, but a good cook, at least if you like everything really salty. There are red skies tonight, so they’ll be making a batch of Sailor’s Delight, which you understand to have tuna fish in it. And soon you’ll be attacking merchant ships and taking their treasure. But the real treasure is the happy memories you’ll be making.

[edit] Mechanics

This is the 15th expansion to Dominion®. It has 500 cards, with 40 new Kingdom cards. It has lots of Treasures and Durations, with cards that give you Loot, and Traits that modify piles. Events return.

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Cage.jpgGrotto.jpgJewelled Egg.jpgSearch.jpgShaman.jpgSecluded Shrine.jpgSiren.jpgStowaway.jpgTaskmaster.jpgAbundance.jpgCabin Boy.jpgCrucible.jpgFlagship.jpgFortune Hunter.jpgGondola.jpgHarbor Village.jpgLanding Party.jpgMapmaker.jpgMaroon.jpgRope.jpgSwamp Shacks.jpgTools.jpgBuried Treasure.jpgCrew.jpgCutthroat.jpgEnlarge.jpgFigurine.jpgFirst Mate.jpgFrigate.jpgLongship.jpgMining Road.jpgPendant.jpgPickaxe.jpgPilgrim.jpgQuartermaster.jpgSilver Mine.jpgTrickster.jpgWealthy Village.jpgSack of Loot.jpgKing's Cache.jpg

[edit] Loot cards

Amphora.jpgDoubloons.jpgEndless Chalice.jpgFigurehead.jpgHammer.jpgInsignia.jpgJewels.jpgOrb.jpgPrize Goat.jpgPuzzle Box.jpgSextant.jpgShield.jpgSpell Scroll.jpgStaff.jpgSword.jpg

[edit] Events


[edit] Traits


[edit] Alternative versions

[edit] Trivia

Plunder is the largest expansion in terms of number of kingdom cards.

[edit] Release date

New expansion now expected in November, to be announced in September.

I "finish" the expansion whenever; it's completely random, based on when I started and how much I focused on it. It's not actually done because it can keep changing until it's sent to the printer, so it does. RGG doesn't so much wait to put them out; they pick some convenient date in the future. October is especially appealing because that's when Spiel happens, the big gaming convention in Essen, Germany. So it's very common for expansions to come out in... November. They're planned for October and then get delayed. We put in the work to get this one done early and it's still looking like November. AlliesAllies.jpg was especially delayed, we thought it would come out last year.

For sure it was obvious that we had AlliesAllies.jpg and the 2E's this year; should the new expansion therefore wait? RGG decided no, and tried to get it to come out in October.

[edit] Teaser and Previews

Before posting and teaser or preview, on December 2, Donald X. posted a teaser for the teaser. This sparked an inordinate amount of discussion in the Dominion Discord about what 85 could mean. The teaser revealed that to be the number of unique card names in the expansion.

Jim, while John had had "had," had had "had had." "Had had" had had a better effect on the teacher.

My teaser for the teaser is: 85.

Plunder previews will run from Dec. 12 through Dec. 16. As usual plans to let people play the previews online.

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: Plunderen
  • German: Plünderer
  • Polish: Zdobycze

[edit] Secret History

The pandemic got me working on Allies, Allies got me working on second editions, and the second editions got me working on Plunder. Making more Seaside and Prosperity stuff was fun, and I had mechanics lying around that went with that. I could seriously make some treasure-durations. I could try out "rewards," which had been sitting around for a long time (looked at briefly for Empires). I had an idea for duration cards left over from Seaside 2E; I'd saved it because clearly it was good for a bunch of cards. And I had a landscape type left over from Allies.

I had the name before I had much else. The intersection of treasures and durations! It was also the name of a card, but man we'd been down that road before. A lot of cards then ended up based on flavor, at least initially; names that would be cool in the set.

Let's consider the mechanics one by one.

‎*** Mechanics ***‎

Treasures: Some cards are born treasures; others have treasure-ness thrust upon them. Stuff that might have been +1 Action +$ in some other set ("disappearing money") ended up as treasures here, unless that didn't work out. Treasures were going to fill lots of deck roles here, but still wanted to also feel like treasures, at least for the most part.

Durations: I tried to cover the range of previous variations in the Duration concept, while also finding new stuff, though the next-time durations did plenty to give me new stuff.

Treasure - Durations: The plan was always to errata things like Bonfire that make treasure-durations bad to do. And then hooray, I could have treasure-durations. This doesn't so much narrow the cards down; they could do all sorts of things. There had been a split pile of treasure-durations in Allies that died, but part of its problem was needing to meet the demands of a split pile - we had to want the top card enough and they had to go in ascending order and make sense as a whole. It was no trouble having lots when there were no restrictions beyond "be a treasure-duration."

Loot: In the file they were "rewards." When I tried them they were "valuables." Loot was the perfect name, if you didn't care that there were unrelated Looters in Dark Ages, and well eventually I didn't care. The premise was random treasures that cards could give you, that would be worth about the right amount. It's like the set has a bunch of cards that say "gain a Gold," only they're more exciting. There was a lot more variety at first but that didn't work out, you were too likely to get something crazy this game or awful this game. In the end they almost all make $3 and a lot make +1 Buy. Cade was always drawing his deck, and hated the ones that you only got to play every other turn (due to being a duration), so some of those changed into every-turn things.

Next time durations: This idea started out as one of many Sailor cards trying out for Seaside 2E (it was in the Avoid family: "+$2, next time you shuffle, choose up to 4 cards to not shuffle in, trash this, and gain a Duration card"). It seemed like I could do a lot with it - cards that waited around for something to happen and then did something. It's like Reserve cards, but not the start-of-turn ones. I had a lot of things to try and didn't even cover all the expected ground. For example nothing is like "next time x happens, do y; until then, z every turn." That's just so many words when you put in the effects (though Taskmaster is in this vicinity, flipped).

Traits: So these started as Goods in Allies. They were all rules of the form, "when you gain a treasure, thing." I liked them, Matt not so much. Allies had too much stuff, so I saved them for the next set (dropping "when you gain a Treasure, +1 Favor"). Now I called them Cargo. Sir Martin complained that they made him fill his deck with treasures that didn't do anything. Then there was always the issue of Copper being a treasure. Sometimes you could make the rule happen a bunch and it mattered. I considered triggering on just Gold, or modifying Gold a variety of ways, but well I had Loot. But well, actions are fun, why not modify actions? At first the idea was to only modify actions; then I expanded it to, actions or treasures. Some ideas wouldn't work on treasures but that was fine, I could use other ideas. I never quite wanted them to just work on kingdom card piles, given what I'd be ruling out and how little I'd be getting out of that.

Events: Hey, why not more Events? It took me a while to get to them but then I got some great ones. I tried to make some that related to "next time" and that was fruitful.

‎*** Outtakes ***‎

Kingdom cards: - I tried cantrip Silver gainer again (outtake from Dark Ages). It came with a Cargo so it would be good. - What is this even. "+1 Buy. The next time you draw a Victory card, +3 Cards and discard this from play. Until then, play with your hand revealed." - Peddler with "The next time you gain an Action for $5+, +1 Action." - +$2, "The next time another player gains a card, you may gain a cheaper card." It looked nice on paper. - The next time you have $7 or more, +$3 and +1 Buy. Then a cantrip version that gave +$1. It was a cute concept for Prosperity 2E (where it was same-turn) that someone always liked but which just never contributed much. - At the start of your next turn, may play an Action, then draw to 6. I think LastFootnote suggested this. - +1 Buy, they gain Curse, this turn when you gain an Attack, gain a Loot. Trying to get another Skirmisher. Then there was a version that also gave +$1 when you gained a Treasure. - Cantrip, your Treasures come with cheaper cards. There were several versions that tried to restrict it enough but not too much. It started in Allies in a split pile and sometimes was super fun. It was always broken or stupid though. - +$2, next time you gain an Action you topdeck it, until then Moat. This just sucks all the joy from a game with good attacks. There was also a version that just waited for an Attack, which, well, was an improvement. - $2, next turn may return this for +2 Cards. This had been in an Allies split pile. We'd liked it there. Here it was totally fine but in the end there were more fun things to do. It was extra-cute in the spile pile, since returning to the pile meant it might cover up another card. - Several versions of a Knight that only killed Actions ("Assassin"). There may still be something there, but it starts out anti-fun. - A Duration Militia timed for when they play their first Treasure. Possibly a step towards Frigate. - Cantrip, next time you shuffle, you first get a card from your discard pile to hand. That sounds interesting. - Here's a treasure Knight that makes +$1 per attack and trashes $5's and $6's. There had been a Hinterlands outtake called War Axe and I kept wanting to use the name. There were other versions of this too; here's one that kills a $3-$6 and then turns into a cheaper-than-War-Axe treasure to hand. - Trash this. You may play an Action from hand; gain a copy of it and play the copy. "Throne that turns into the card" has been on the ideas list for 15 years or so. - Peddler, the next time the first card from a pile is gained, put this onto your deck. In its brief run, this seemed very cool, but was totally shot down by the tracking. One to remember if there's ever an online-only card. - Remodel into a card costing up to $1 more than any card in the trash. Also: May trash a hand Treasure for a card costing up to $3 more. I did Enlarge. - +3 Cards. May discard 3-4 cards with different costs to gain a Loot. At one point I was considering multiple new Smithies, and this one was a contender. You don't proc it much though. - +3 Cards +1 Buy, when gain, gain a cheaper card and everyone else gains a copy. These days I'm down on Messenger-type things that quickly empty piles. - Cantrip, set aside a card, may take it back at the start of a future turn. Overlapped too much with Cage / Grotto. - A Knight for $3-$4's where the resources were playing one of the cards you ate, or you could gain and play a Silver instead. - Gain a copy of a card from the trash costing up to $6 / when gain, trash a supply card for up to $4. I still like the premise, which tried out for an earlier set too. - Action-treasure, $2, if it's your Action phase, Curse them. Then we tried, if it's your Action phase, +2 Cards. Trying to get a nice Treasure - Action for the set.

Events: - Set aside an Action/Treasure from hand. Next turn, play it, gain a copy, play the copy. - Each player gains a non-VP no-one has gained this turn, then you gain a 2nd. How does this play out? - Gain a $5, set it aside, next time you shuffle you discard it. A very slow gainer. - For each Treasure you have in play costing $5+, gain a cheaper card. So many ways to foosh cards in this set. "Foosh" is also the answer to the question from two cards up. - Gain a card costing up to half the amount of $ you have. Cost $0. I've tried a few variations on this over the years. - +3 Cards, until your next turn Moat. Can be rough when one player gets it going. Another version was +1 Buy +2 Cards. - +1 Buy, pick a random unused Event, you may replace this with it. This kind of thing sounds fun but does nothing. - +1 Buy, next time you gain a card this turn, gain a cheaper card. A runner-up. - +1 Buy, once per turn: replay an Action you played this turn that's still in play. I don't remember how this went but it sounds dangerous rules-wise. - Play a $4 from the Supply, trashing it. I don't remember it but it sounds like trouble. - Trash a treasure from hand, gain one for up to $3 more, playing it. A runner-up. - Once per turn: +1 Buy, may trash hand Action for +$1 per $1 it costs. Another runner-up.

Loot: - May discard up to 2 Actions for +$2 each. Later, discard any number of cards for +$1 each. And, you may discard an Action for +$2. Some kind of Vault effect on top of your Gold and +Buy is well stronger than it looks. - Copies of cards gained last turn cost $1 less this turn. Feels very unfair. - Name a card. +$1 per copy of it you have in play. Coppersmith trying its luck again. - +$1 per card you've gained this turn. Another unfair one. - Action-Treasure with Choose one: +3 Cards or +$3. This might be the only draw. - This turn you can buy cards from the trash, and when you do, +$1. Trying to get some exotic stuff into the pile, which did not so much want exotic stuff. - Reveal the top Loot. If it's a Duration or one of these, +$3 and +1 Buy, otherwise play it leaving it there. Wait, otherwise play it then trash it. Wait, this just isn't working.

Cargo: Right, before there were Traits, there was Cargo. Landscapes with "When you gain a Treasure..." and then what you got. Let's see what these looked like. This is just everything in the file; some had died before the concept did. - +1 Favor - may trash it to gain a cheaper card. - +1 Card at end of turn - may play an Action from hand - may put it into your hand, then topdeck a hand card. No, maybe just, may topdeck a card. - others discard down to 4 - may discard 2 cards to gain a $4. No, discard a Treasure. No, 2 Treasures. - look through discard and may topdeck a card - look at top 2, discard any #, topdeck the rest - cards cost $1 less this turn - Scheme an Action - +$1, and if it's your first gain of the turn, +1 Buy. No, maybe just +$1. - may trash hand Treasure - name an action; gaining most recently named card gives Curse - may gain 2nd copy and a Curse. - may play cheaper supply Action you haven't played a copy of this turn, leaving it there

Traits: - When playing, +1 Card then discard a card. Too slow and not fun and stuff. - When gain, gain a Copper. When play, +$1. One of the first Traits; it made Traits look interesting and then was not good enough. - When playing, if 1st card played this turn, +1 Action. Not the most fun way to get in +1 Action. - The second time you play a copy of this each turn, +1 Buy. Then later, just a flat +1 Buy okay? - Buy phase, may play an Action from hand per copy of this you have in play. In the end Inspired was the surviving +Action thing. - Also a VP card. Worth 10VP if you have 2+ copies. The "is VP" part was soon dropped for being too hard to remember and not usually relevant (they go together). It lasted a while and was interesting sometimes and then was "I must replace this card that does nothing." - Clean-up, if would discard, may return it for a card costing $1 more. Some Trait ideas had the problem of, Ways cover this already. - When you gain or trash a card, may discard this, to trash the gained card or gain the trashed card. Tries hard but doesn't do enough. - +$1. Later on I realized Traits could be stronger than they'd been. So, that earlier Trait with no bad part. It does not spark joy. - Comes with a Copper. And hey the bad part by itself. It just kills the pile too often. It's cute when it doesn't. - When-gain, look at top 5, discard any number, topdeck rest. A classic idea that has endlessly failed to get onto cards for various reasons. Imagine this on a $5, and you have the 5/2, and your opponent doesn't, but has good strong arms for flipping tables with. - When you gain this other than while playing a copy of it, or discard it not in Clean-up, may play it. Trying for make-me-into-Trail. - Instead of following its instructions, may play cheaper card with restrictions. Way of Band of Misfits. Ways were poor here, and Band of Misfits is awful here. So slow. - This is a Duration card, it does its stuff twice on the turn after you play it. Then, cantrip this turn, normal effects next turn. I adored that card. It kept having issues though. - When gain, if have a copy of this in play, Militia. Trying for another Skirmisher again. - When gain, others gain Copper. I like the idea of getting a Copper attack in this way, but it produced zero fun. A 2nd version topdecked the Copper, take that. - When discard from play, may trash for +2 Cards at end of turn. The tracking is bad. A 2nd version tried to fix that. - Start of turn, may trash from hand to gain a cheaper card and Silver to hand. So strong. - When trashed, gain a Loot. Everything's Jewelled Egg. Only, Jewelled Egg costs $2 for a reason. - After playing, +1 Action, and others may play an Action. So slow and messy. - Setup: set aside this pile, add another pile. When it empties, add this pile. There were two more versions of this; the last one is "Setup: set aside this pile. The first time a player plays a card costing $5 or more, add this pile to the game." The idea of the pile showing up Late sounded great; in practice it did nothing or just turned off the pile. - When gain, reveal top 3, play the Actions/Treasures, discard the rest. Super Gamble, was super nuts. Then there was a one-card Gamble. - When gain, +1 Card at end of turn. A runner-up; one of the original Goods, and it had always seemed fine, even if the tracking is a little weak. The hope was always that I'd do better, and I did. - After playing, may trash a hand Gold for a hand Loot. Totally fine in the games where it did anything, which was not enough games.

Phew! This set is gigantic.

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Plunder alone

Flotsam [images]
Abundance Crucible First Mate Fortune Hunter Jewelled Egg
Abundance.jpg Crucible.jpg First Mate.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Jewelled Egg.jpg
Landing Party.jpg Mining Road.jpg Secluded Shrine.jpg Silver Mine.jpg Wealthy Village.jpg
Landing Party Mining Road Secluded Shrine Silver Mine Wealthy Village
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for First Mate
Jetsam [images]
Crew Cutthroat Gondola Grotto Longship
Crew.jpg Cutthroat.jpg Gondola.jpg Grotto.jpg Longship.jpg
Pickaxe.jpg Quartermaster.jpg Search.jpg Siren.jpg Stowaway.jpg
Pickaxe Quartermaster Search Siren Stowaway
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Grotto
Pious.jpg Prepare.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Dominion

Basic Looting [images]
Frigate Harbor Village Maroon Pilgrim Sack of Loot
Frigate.jpg Harbor Village.jpg Maroon.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Sack of Loot.jpg
Cellar.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg Moat.jpg Vassal.jpg
Cellar Market Mine Moat Vassal
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Harbor Village
Voodoo [images]
Buried Treasure First Mate Flagship Gondola Shaman
Buried Treasure.jpg First Mate.jpg Flagship.jpg Gondola.jpg Shaman.jpg
Artisan.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Festival.jpg Moneylender.jpg Remodel.jpg
Artisan Bureaucrat Festival Moneylender Remodel
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Festival
Cursed.jpg Maelstrom.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Intrigue

Breaking Eggs [images]
Buried Treasure Jewelled Egg Mapmaker Maroon Quartermaster
Buried Treasure.jpg Jewelled Egg.jpg Mapmaker.jpg Maroon.jpg Quartermaster.jpg
Courtier.jpg Harem.jpg Mining Village.jpg Nobles.jpg Replace.jpg
Courtier Harem Mining Village Nobles Replace
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Maroon
Landlubbers [images]
Cutthroat Fortune Hunter Pendant Pilgrim Wealthy Village
Cutthroat.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Pendant.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Wealthy Village.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Mill.jpg Pawn.jpg Secret Passage.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Conspirator Mill Pawn Secret Passage Wishing Well
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Conspirator
Friendly.jpg Avoid.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Seaside

Wine-dark Seas [images]
Cabin Boy Cage Enlarge Frigate Rope
Cabin Boy.jpg Cage.jpg Enlarge.jpg Frigate.jpg Rope.jpg
Astrolabe.jpg Caravan.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Sailor.jpg Sea Witch.jpg
Astrolabe Caravan Fishing Village Sailor Sea Witch
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Frigate
Treasure Island [images]
Abundance Buried Treasure Crew Longship Stowaway
Abundance.jpg Buried Treasure.jpg Crew.jpg Longship.jpg Stowaway.jpg
Corsair.jpg Island.jpg Lookout.jpg Sea Chart.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Corsair Island Lookout Sea Chart Treasure Map
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Treasure Map
Inherited.jpg Launch.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Alchemy

Special Delivery [images]
Flagship Jewelled Egg Mining Road Swamp Shacks Tools
Flagship.jpg Jewelled Egg.jpg Mining Road.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg Tools.jpg
Trickster.jpg Alchemist.jpg Apothecary.jpg Golem.jpg Transmute.jpg
Trickster Alchemist Apothecary Golem Transmute
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Golem
Potion Deliver
Cursed.jpg Potion.jpg Deliver.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Prosperity

Pretty Trinkets [images]
Figurine Jewelled Egg King's Cache Rope Silver Mine
Figurine.jpg Jewelled Egg.jpg King's Cache.jpg Rope.jpg Silver Mine.jpg
Bank.jpg Crystal Ball.jpg Investment.jpg Tiara.jpg War Chest.jpg
Bank Crystal Ball Investment Tiara War Chest
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Rope
Platinum Colony
Fated.jpg Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg
Buying Happiness [images]
Cage Mining Road Pendant Stowaway Swamp Shacks
Cage.jpg Mining Road.jpg Pendant.jpg Stowaway.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg
Anvil.jpg Bishop.jpg Clerk.jpg Magnate.jpg Worker's Village.jpg
Anvil Bishop Clerk Magnate Worker's Village
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Magnate
Platinum Colony Looting
Fawning.jpg Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Looting.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Cornucopia/Guilds

Of Heralds and Hunters [images]
Cabin Boy Flagship Fortune Hunter Pendant Pickaxe
Cabin Boy.jpg Flagship.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Pendant.jpg Pickaxe.jpg
Doctor.jpg Fairgrounds.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg
Doctor Fairgrounds Herald Soothsayer Stonemason
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Fortune Hunter
Through the Swamp [images]
Cage Pilgrim Swamp Shacks Taskmaster Tools
Cage.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg Taskmaster.jpg Tools.jpg
Baker.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Menagerie.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Baker Hamlet Horn of Plenty Menagerie Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Pilgrim
Patient.jpg Journey.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Hinterlands

Desert Dreams [images]
Enlarge Grotto Harbor Village Mapmaker Pendant
Enlarge.jpg Grotto.jpg Harbor Village.jpg Mapmaker.jpg Pendant.jpg
Haggler.jpg Nomads.jpg Oasis.jpg Souk.jpg Weaver.jpg
Haggler Nomads Oasis Souk Weaver
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Nomads
Viking Schemes [images]
Cabin Boy Crew Crucible Frigate Wealthy Village
Cabin Boy.jpg Crew.jpg Crucible.jpg Frigate.jpg Wealthy Village.jpg
Berserker.jpg Cauldron.jpg Fool's Gold.jpg Scheme.jpg Stables.jpg
Berserker Cauldron Fool's Gold Scheme Stables
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Berserker
Rich.jpg Scrounge.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Dark Ages

Dad's Rats [images]
First Mate Maroon Rope Search Shaman
First Mate.jpg Maroon.jpg Rope.jpg Search.jpg Shaman.jpg
Death Cart.jpg Poor House.jpg Rats.jpg Squire.jpg Vagrant.jpg
Death Cart Poor House Rats Squire Vagrant
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Rats
Ruins Shelters
Inherited.jpg Abandoned Mine.jpg Shelters.jpg
Ravagers [images]
Cutthroat Enlarge Grotto King's Cache Trickster
Cutthroat.jpg Enlarge.jpg Grotto.jpg King's Cache.jpg Trickster.jpg
Counterfeit.jpg Forager.jpg Ironmonger.jpg Pillage.jpg Storeroom.jpg
Counterfeit Forager Ironmonger Pillage Storeroom
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Forager
Shelters Invasion
Tireless.jpg Shelters.jpg Invasion.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Adventures

Set Sail [images]
Figurine First Mate Fortune Hunter Mapmaker Search
Figurine.jpg First Mate.jpg Fortune Hunter.jpg Mapmaker.jpg Search.jpg
Artificer.jpg Distant Lands.jpg Port.jpg Ratcatcher.jpg Treasure Trove.jpg
Artificer Distant Lands Port Ratcatcher Treasure Trove
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Artificer
Patient.jpg Ferry.jpg
Rush Job [images]
Quartermaster Secluded Shrine Stowaway Swamp Shacks Tools
Quartermaster.jpg Secluded Shrine.jpg Stowaway.jpg Swamp Shacks.jpg Tools.jpg
Coin of the Realm.jpg Gear.jpg Haunted Woods.jpg Hireling.jpg Wine Merchant.jpg
Coin of the Realm Gear Haunted Woods Hireling Wine Merchant
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Wine Merchant
Shy.jpg Rush.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Empires

City Builders [images]
Abundance Crucible Frigate Taskmaster Tools
Abundance.jpg Crucible.jpg Frigate.jpg Taskmaster.jpg Tools.jpg
City Quarter.jpg Farmers' Market.jpg Groundskeeper.jpg Patrician.jpg Wild Hunt.jpg
City Quarter Farmers' Market Groundskeeper Patrician Wild Hunt
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Patrician
Nearby.jpg Museum.jpg
Plenty [images]
Figurine Landing Party Mining Road Rope Wealthy Village
Figurine.jpg Landing Party.jpg Mining Road.jpg Rope.jpg Wealthy Village.jpg
Charm.jpg Crown.jpg Enchantress.jpg Gladiator.jpg Sacrifice.jpg
Charm Crown Enchantress Gladiator Sacrifice
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Figurine
Friendly.jpg Prosper.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Nocturne

Night of the Loot [images]
Cabin Boy Figurine Pendant Sack of Loot Taskmaster
Cabin Boy.jpg Figurine.jpg Pendant.jpg Sack of Loot.jpg Taskmaster.jpg
Blessed Village.jpg Crypt.jpg Faithful Hound.jpg Tragic Hero.jpg Werewolf.jpg
Blessed Village Crypt Faithful Hound Tragic Hero Werewolf
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Taskmaster
Boons Hexes
Pious.jpg Boon-back.jpg Hex-back.jpg
Skeleton Isle [images]
Cutthroat King's Cache Longship Pilgrim Secluded Shrine
Cutthroat.jpg King's Cache.jpg Longship.jpg Pilgrim.jpg Secluded Shrine.jpg
Devil's Workshop.jpg Ghost Town.jpg Idol.jpg Skulk.jpg Tracker.jpg
Devil's Workshop Ghost Town Idol Skulk Tracker
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Idol
Boons Hexes Foray
Hasty.jpg Boon-back.jpg Hex-back.jpg Foray.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Renaissance

Circle of Life [images]
Frigate Jewelled Egg Pickaxe Search Shaman
Frigate.jpg Jewelled Egg.jpg Pickaxe.jpg Search.jpg Shaman.jpg
Acting Troupe.jpg Patron.jpg Experiment.jpg Scholar.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg
Acting Troupe Patron Experiment Scholar Swashbuckler
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Scholar
Inspiring.jpg Cathedral.jpg
Mirror Masters [images]
Crucible Gondola Quartermaster Taskmaster Trickster
Crucible.jpg Gondola.jpg Quartermaster.jpg Taskmaster.jpg Trickster.jpg
Border Guard.jpg Cargo Ship.jpg Flag Bearer.jpg Seer.jpg Spices.jpg
Border Guard Cargo Ship Flag Bearer Seer Spices
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Spices
Fated.jpg Mirror.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Menagerie

Going Home [images]
Gondola Landing Party Mapmaker Secluded Shrine Silver Mine
Gondola.jpg Landing Party.jpg Mapmaker.jpg Secluded Shrine.jpg Silver Mine.jpg
Barge.jpg Gatekeeper.jpg Kiln.jpg Snowy Village.jpg Supplies.jpg
Barge Gatekeeper Kiln Snowy Village Supplies
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Gatekeeper
Way of the Squirrel
Cheap.jpg Way of the Squirrel.jpg
Going Big [images]
Enlarge Grotto Harbor Village Sack of Loot Siren
Enlarge.jpg Grotto.jpg Harbor Village.jpg Sack of Loot.jpg Siren.jpg
Animal Fair.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Sanctuary.jpg Sheepdog.jpg
Animal Fair Camel Train Mastermind Sanctuary Sheepdog
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Animal Fair
Nearby.jpg Peril.jpg

[edit] Plunder & Allies

Shipmates [images]
Crew Flagship Harbor Village Sack of Loot Shaman
Crew.jpg Flagship.jpg Harbor Village.jpg Sack of Loot.jpg Shaman.jpg
Broker.jpg Forts.jpg Innkeeper.jpg Modify.jpg Sycophant.jpg
Broker Forts Innkeeper Modify Sycophant
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Sycophant
Cave Dwellers
Fawning.jpg Cave Dwellers.jpg
Buried and Sunk [images]
Abundance Buried Treasure King's Cache Landing Party Maroon
Abundance.jpg Buried Treasure.jpg King's Cache.jpg Landing Party.jpg Maroon.jpg
Courier.jpg Highwayman.jpg Merchant Camp.jpg Odysseys.jpg Skirmisher.jpg
Courier Highwayman Merchant Camp Odysseys Skirmisher
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Trait for Merchant Camp
Shy.jpg Bury.jpg

Cards $2 CageCage.jpgGrottoGrotto.jpgJewelled EggJewelled Egg.jpgSearchSearch.jpgShamanShaman.jpg $3 Secluded ShrineSecluded Shrine.jpgSirenSiren.jpgStowawayStowaway.jpgTaskmasterTaskmaster.jpg $4 AbundanceAbundance.jpgCabin BoyCabin Boy.jpgCrucibleCrucible.jpgFlagshipFlagship.jpgFortune HunterFortune Hunter.jpgGondolaGondola.jpgHarbor VillageHarbor Village.jpgLanding PartyLanding Party.jpgMapmakerMapmaker.jpgMaroonMaroon.jpgRopeRope.jpgSwamp ShacksSwamp Shacks.jpgToolsTools.jpg $5 Buried TreasureBuried Treasure.jpgCrewCrew.jpgCutthroatCutthroat.jpgEnlargeEnlarge.jpgFigurineFigurine.jpgFirst MateFirst Mate.jpgFrigateFrigate.jpgLongshipLongship.jpgMining RoadMining Road.jpgPendantPendant.jpgPickaxePickaxe.jpgPilgrimPilgrim.jpgQuartermasterQuartermaster.jpgSilver MineSilver Mine.jpgTricksterTrickster.jpgWealthy VillageWealthy Village.jpg $6 Sack of LootSack of Loot.jpg $7 King's CacheKing's Cache.jpg
Loots $7star AmphoraAmphora.jpgDoubloonsDoubloons.jpgEndless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpgFigureheadFigurehead.jpgHammerHammer.jpgInsigniaInsignia.jpgJewelsJewels.jpgOrbOrb.jpgPrize GoatPrize Goat.jpgPuzzle BoxPuzzle Box.jpgSextantSextant.jpgShieldShield.jpgSpell ScrollSpell Scroll.jpgStaffStaff.jpgSwordSword.jpg
Events $1 BuryBury.jpg $2 AvoidAvoid.jpgDeliverDeliver.jpgPerilPeril.jpgRushRush.jpg $3 ForayForay.jpgLaunchLaunch.jpgMirrorMirror.jpgPreparePrepare.jpgScroungeScrounge.jpg $4 MaelstromMaelstrom.jpgJourneyJourney.jpg $6 LootingLooting.jpg $10 InvasionInvasion.jpgProsperProsper.jpg
Traits CheapCheap.jpgCursedCursed.jpgFatedFated.jpgFawningFawning.jpgFriendlyFriendly.jpgHastyHasty.jpgInheritedInherited.jpgInspiringInspiring.jpgNearbyNearby.jpgPatientPatient.jpgPiousPious.jpgRecklessReckless.jpgRichRich.jpgShyShy.jpgTirelessTireless.jpg
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