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Amphora, a Loot card.

Loot is a type of non-Supply Treasure cards in PlunderPlunder (expansion).jpg. They all have a cost of $7star.

The majority of Loot cards provide $3 and +Buy in addition to some other bonus or special effect; a handful, however, have different but comparably powerful abilities.

There are 30 Loot cards in total: 15 distinct cards at 2 copies each. In any game in which Loot cards are used, they are shuffled face-down, so players instructed to gain Loot won't know which one they're getting until they've gained it.


[edit] Official Rules

  • There are 15 Loot cards, with 2 copies of each. Shuffle them into a face-down pile before the game if any cards refer to Loot.
  • During the game, "gain a Loot" means, you gain the top card of the Loot pile.
  • When you gain a Loot, reveal it to all players. Then put it into your discard pile as usual.
  • Players can't look through the Loot pile during a game.
  • The Loot pile isn't in the Supply; players can't buy or gain from it, except with cards that specifically gain Loot.

[edit] Other rules clarifications

  • If you exchange a gained Loot (e.g. with ChangelingChangeling.jpg), the Loot goes back on top of the pile, face down.

[edit] List of Loots

AmphoraAmphora.jpg, DoubloonsDoubloons.jpg, Endless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpg, FigureheadFigurehead.jpg, HammerHammer.jpg, InsigniaInsignia.jpg, JewelsJewels.jpg, OrbOrb.jpg, Prize GoatPrize Goat.jpg, Puzzle BoxPuzzle Box.jpg, SextantSextant.jpg, ShieldShield.jpg, Spell ScrollSpell Scroll.jpg, StaffStaff.jpg, SwordSword.jpg

[edit] Ways to gain Loot

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Loot

Amphora.jpgDoubloons.jpgEndless Chalice.jpgFigurehead.jpgHammer.jpgInsignia.jpgJewels.jpgOrb.jpgPrize Goat.jpgPuzzle Box.jpgSextant.jpgShield.jpgSpell Scroll.jpgStaff.jpgSword.jpg

[edit] Gains Loot

Cutthroat.jpgJewelled Egg.jpgPickaxe.jpgSack of Loot.jpgSearch.jpgWealthy Village.jpgCursed.jpgForay.jpgInvasion.jpgLooting.jpgPeril.jpgProsper.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Preview

Loot is a pile of 30 cards, with 15 unique ones at 2 copies each. You shuffle it before the game, put it face down, and when something says "gain a Loot," you take the top one. You also have to show us all what you got. You can't just buy Loot; it's not in the Supply. Something has to tell you to gain one. As you can see, your basic loot is a GoldGold.jpg with +Buy and some other bonus. But some have no +Buy, and a few aren't a Gold.

[edit] Comparing Loots with each other

When you're drawing your deck, one that doesn't make you $3 every turn is weakest. FigureheadFigurehead.jpg for example. You can credit tracer for fighting to reduce how many of those survived. When you need to get your +Buy from a Loot, one with no +Buy is weakest. Endless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpg can sink you - you're playing PickaxePickaxe.jpg and counting on that +$3 and no, Endless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpg. You can also be envied for it though.

The initial idea was to have the Loot be all over the place in terms of abilities; it always had to try to be balanced power-level wise, since you get a random one. The more exotic abilities were problems, they'd be nuts sometimes, and gradually the effects got closer and closer, until almost all of them give +$3 and a lot of them give +Buy. But this is all, keeping as much variety as I can while making them as close as possible power-level-wise.

[edit] In other languages

  • German: Kostbarkeit

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