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Amphora, a Loot card.

Loot is a type of non-Supply Treasure cards in PlunderPlunder (expansion).jpg. They all have a cost of $7star.

The majority of Loot cards provide $3 and +Buy in addition to some other bonus or special effect; a handful, however, have different but comparably powerful abilities.

There are 30 Loot cards in total: 15 distinct cards at 2 copies each. In any game in which Loot cards are used, they are shuffled face-down, so players instructed to gain Loot won't know which one they're getting until they've gained it.


[edit] Official Rules

  • There are 15 Loot cards, with 2 copies of each. Shuffle them into a face-down pile before the game if any cards refer to Loot.
  • During the game, "gain a Loot" means, you gain the top card of the Loot pile.
  • When you gain a Loot, reveal it to all players. Then put it into your discard pile as usual.
  • Players can't look through the Loot pile during a game.
  • The Loot pile isn't in the Supply; players can't buy or gain from it, except with cards that specifically gain Loot.

[edit] Other rules clarifications

  • If you exchange a gained Loot (e.g. with ChangelingChangeling.jpg), the Loot goes back on top of the pile, face down.

[edit] List of Loots

AmphoraAmphora.jpg, DoubloonsDoubloons.jpg, Endless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpg, FigureheadFigurehead.jpg, HammerHammer.jpg, InsigniaInsignia.jpg, JewelsJewels.jpg, OrbOrb.jpg, Prize GoatPrize Goat.jpg, Puzzle BoxPuzzle Box.jpg, SextantSextant.jpg, ShieldShield.jpg, Spell ScrollSpell Scroll.jpg, StaffStaff.jpg, SwordSword.jpg

[edit] Ways to gain Loot

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Loot

Amphora.jpgDoubloons.jpgEndless Chalice.jpgFigurehead.jpgHammer.jpgInsignia.jpgJewels.jpgOrb.jpgPrize Goat.jpgPuzzle Box.jpgSextant.jpgShield.jpgSpell Scroll.jpgStaff.jpgSword.jpg

[edit] Gains Loot

Cutthroat.jpgJewelled Egg.jpgPickaxe.jpgSack of Loot.jpgSearch.jpgWealthy Village.jpgCursed.jpgForay.jpgInvasion.jpgLooting.jpgPeril.jpgProsper.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Preview

Loot is a pile of 30 cards, with 15 unique ones at 2 copies each. You shuffle it before the game, put it face down, and when something says "gain a Loot," you take the top one. You also have to show us all what you got. You can't just buy Loot; it's not in the Supply. Something has to tell you to gain one. As you can see, your basic loot is a GoldGold.jpg with +Buy and some other bonus. But some have no +Buy, and a few aren't a Gold.

[edit] Comparing Loots with each other

When you're drawing your deck, one that doesn't make you $3 every turn is weakest. FigureheadFigurehead.jpg for example. You can credit tracer for fighting to reduce how many of those survived. When you need to get your +Buy from a Loot, one with no +Buy is weakest. Endless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpg can sink you - you're playing PickaxePickaxe.jpg and counting on that +$3 and no, Endless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpg. You can also be envied for it though.

The initial idea was to have the Loot be all over the place in terms of abilities; it always had to try to be balanced power-level wise, since you get a random one. The more exotic abilities were problems, they'd be nuts sometimes, and gradually the effects got closer and closer, until almost all of them give +$3 and a lot of them give +Buy. But this is all, keeping as much variety as I can while making them as close as possible power-level-wise.

[edit] Secret History

In the file they were "rewards." When I tried them they were "valuables." Loot was the perfect name, if you didn't care that there were unrelated Looters in Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg, and well eventually I didn't care. The premise was random treasures that cards could give you, that would be worth about the right amount. It's like the set has a bunch of cards that say "gain a GoldGold.jpg," only they're more exciting. There was a lot more variety at first but that didn't work out, you were too likely to get something crazy this game or awful this game. In the end they almost all make $3 and a lot make +1 Buy. Cade was always drawing his deck, and hated the ones that you only got to play every other turn (due to being a duration), so some of those changed into every-turn things.

[edit] Retrospective

I still like Loot, I see it all the time playing against the TGG bot and I never regret it. I can see the argument for putting +Buy on DoubloonsDoubloons.jpg and InsigniaInsignia.jpg, and for me the stronger argument of trying to have +Buy on the loot-gainers that make +buy-envy the worst, though that's not so helpful on SearchSearch.jpg.

[edit] In other languages

  • Dutch: Buit
  • German: Kostbarkeit

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