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Band of Misfits, a Command card.
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Command is a card type introduced by the Dominion 2019 Errata and Rules Tweaks. Command cards are Action cards that can play other cards without altering the physical state of the game. Most of them are Command variants. Giving those cards a type allows their abilities to restrict playing each other in infinite loops.


[edit] List of Commands

[edit] Corner Cases

Some cards nearly qualify as Commands, but not totally and so do not need the Command type.

  • NecromancerNecromancer.jpg may become a Command card, as it plays cards without properly moving them. But it still turns them around to change the physical state of the game and mostly inhibits loops this way.
  • Royal CarriageRoyal Carriage.jpg plays cards without moving them, but moves itself.
  • ScepterScepter.jpg is a treasure and as all the Command cards can only play action cards, it is safe from simple infinite loops.

[edit] Examples of Inhibited Loops

If Command cards could play other Command cards, there were several ways to loop infinitely while keeping the physical state of the game untouched. Usually this involves voluntarily choosing to play a Command card from the supply with Band of Misfits. But, if that Command card is the only action card cheaper than Band of Misfits in the supply, this choice would be enforced resulting in an unbreakable infinite loop.

Playing a Band of Misfits after a Flagship and playing a Flagship from the supply will replay the Band of Misfits once more, which can again play a Flagship etc.

With one cost reduction, Inheritance could set aside a Band of Misfits, so Band of Misfits could then play Estates from the supply which play the set aside Band of Misfits to play an Estate from the supply and repeat.

With FerryFerry.jpg applied to Captain and a cost reduction by one, Captain could play Band of Misfits which in turn could play Captain. Here, for an unbreakable loop, Band of Misfits needed to be the only non-Duration Action card costing (after reduction) up to $4.

[edit] Gallery

Band of Misfits.jpgCaptain.jpgPrince.jpgOverlord.jpgFlagship.jpgInheritance.jpg

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