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Reward is a card type from the second edition of Cornucopia & GuildsGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg. The Rewards are six differently-named cards that are not in the Supply, and can only be gained by playing a JoustJoust.jpg. In a two-player game, only one copy of each Reward is available; in a multiplayer game, two copies of each are used.

Rewards replace the removed card type Prize from the first edition of CornucopiaCornucopia.jpg. They have a similar function to the Prizes, and two of the six Rewards are essentially just renamed Prizes, but the others are new cards designed to be more balanced than the Prizes were.


[edit] List of Rewards

[edit] Official Rules

  • There are two each of six rewards: CoronetCoronet.jpg, CourserCourser.jpg, DemesneDemesne.jpg, HousecarlHousecarl.jpg, Huge TurnipHuge Turnip.jpg, RenownRenown.jpg.
  • These are cards which are never part of the Supply. If the Rewards run out, that does not count towards the game end condition.
  • The Rewards may not be bought, or gained via cards like Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg; only Joust can gain them from their pile. They can be gained from other places normally; for example LurkerLurker.jpg from IntrigueIntrigue.jpg can gain some of them from the trash.
  • Use all 12 Rewards with 3 or more players; use just one of each with 2 players. With 3 or more players, a single player can get two of the same Reward.
  • Trashed Rewards go to the trash pile, like other cards; they do not return to the Rewards pile.
  • If using the promotional card Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, do not put Rewards into the Black Market deck.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Why do they cost 0?

At the time Prizes were the only non-supply cards; it was helpful to have them cost $0. It actually helped make it clear that you couldn't buy them. The SwindlerSwindler.jpg vs. RemodelRemodel.jpg thing, that stuff doesn't weigh nearly as heavily for me. We thought it was more fun to not RemodelRemodel.jpg our Prizes, and it was always clear that this meant you could SwindlerSwindler.jpg them.

As the years went by I learned that it was better to have costs reflect power level, for all the various things that interact with costs. So if the Prizes happened today, they'd have expensive costs, like Loot. At the same time people have gotten more used to non-supply piles, so there's less importance to trying to advertise that you can't buy the card. And the cards do still say "This is not in the Supply" (sometimes capitalized correctly), and you can put an asterisk by the cost.

But there I was making C&G2EGuilds & Cornucopia2.jpg, and well it's not like I would change the cost of Prizes, that's a functional change beyond what I do. Then they turned into Rewards and somehow didn't change from costing $0. For people who get expansions in order, the old reasons still contribute; it's not so bad. But it's not what I'd do with new cards.
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