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Cost $3
Type(s) Action - Wizard
Kingdom card? Yes
Set AlliesAllies icon.png
Illustrator(s) Harald Lieske
Card text
This pile starts the game with 4 copies each of Student, Conjurer, Sorcerer, and Lich, in that order. Only the top card can be gained or bought.

Wizard is a type of Kingdom card from the AlliesAllies.jpg expansion. There are 4 copies each of 4 differently-named Wizards with a single randomizer card, forming a split pile: when Wizards are selected as a Kingdom card for a game, they are put into a single Supply pile in order by increasing cost, of which only the top card can be gained at any given time. The cheapest of the four allows you to "rotate" the pile—move all copies of the current top card to the bottom of the pile, revealing the next card in the sequence.


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[edit] Additional rules

General rules for playing with Dominion: Allies' six split piles are described in the rulebook.

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[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Wizards Wizards from Shuffle iT This pile starts the game with 4 copies each of Student, Conjurer, Sorcerer, and Lich, in that order. Only the top card can be gained or bought. Allies 2022

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text Notes
Dutch Tovenaars Dutch language Wizard Deze stapel start het spel met
4 exemplaren van Student,
Illusionist, Heksenmeester, en
Zielenzuiger, in die volgorde.
Alleen de bovenste kaart kan
worden gepakt of gekocht.
German Zauberer German language Wizards German language Wizards from Shuffle iT Dieser Stapel besteht zu Beginn aus je 4 Karten Zauberschüler, Beschwörer, Hexenmeister und Lich (von oben nach unten). Nur die oberste Karte darf genommen oder gekauft werden.

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Preview

Recursion is a smaller sub-theme of the set. Ways to get a card back somehow. First, it's another split pile, the Wizards: StudentStudent.jpg goes on top of your deck when it trashes a CopperCopper.jpg; you can play it multiple times in the same turn. And hey, it's another Liaison. ConjurerConjurer.jpg can keep going to your hand turn after turn, you just need to keep playing it. And LichLich.jpg comes back when you try to trash it, like a FortressFortress.jpg only not to your hand. Also LichLich.jpg can uh skip your turn? Well maybe you aren't getting another turn anyway. SorcererSorcerer.jpg meanwhile is the counterpart to SorceressSorceress.jpg; it makes them play the guessing game instead of you.

[edit] Secret History

StudentStudent.jpg originally either trashed or drew your top card. Then it got the topdecking, but initially only triggered on CopperCopper.jpg. That changed just to give you a little leeway if you really wanted more Favors. The ConjurerConjurer.jpg slot was another kind of WorkshopWorkshop.jpg, then VoyageVoyage.jpg, then the surviving card (though with an upgrading bit for a while still). SorcererSorcerer.jpg went back and forth on being cumulative or not (via having them discard the card). In the end, not cumulative. LichLich.jpg started out as a way to get all these upgrading split pile cards. It was played to gain cards from the trash, then that moved to a when-trash ability, and the top got "draw your deck, skip your next turn." Would you believe, that was overpowered. But someone has to try these things, and it might as well be me. The bottom was also broken, it put LichLich.jpg into your hand when trashed and you could go nuts with various trash-for-benefit cards. The scaled back beast still looks scary.

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