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The second edition of Dominion was an update to all pre-Empires sets that started in Fall 2016. It involved a number of formatting changes, such as a bigger font where possible, better wordings, and the replacing of all masculine pronouns ("he", "his") with gender-neutral pronouns ("they", "their"). It was most pronounced in the Base and Intrigue sets, which saw a number of functional changes to existing cards, as well as the removal and replacement of some cards that, in retrospect, seemed weak or not fun to play with.

Other expansions to see a replacement of a number of cards include Seaside, Prosperity, and Hinterlands. As such, the sets BaseDominion2.jpg, IntrigueIntrigue2.jpg, SeasideSeaside2.jpg, ProsperityProsperity2.jpg, and HinterlandsHinterlands2.jpg have an added "Second Edition" on their box, in addition to new box cover art.

All sets have been released with phrasing and formatting changes following the release of Dominion (Second Edition)Dominion2.jpg, and all previous promotional cards have received an update. All cards have been updated on Dominion Online.

For consistency, this wiki will use second edition rules and wordings wherever possible.


[edit] Formatting changes

A comparison between 1st (left) and 2nd (right) edition versions of Cellar.

The formatting changes were first announced a few days before Empires was previewed:

Well this is unprecedented, but I'm not made of stone. Here are some spoilers about card layout.
  • A bigger font is used on cards that don't have lots of text.
  • "They" is used instead of "he."
  • +'s in the body of text are now in bold.
  • Card texts are more carefully centered than ever before.

In addition to these, previous sets received some wording changes, such as Cellar's, shown to the right. For the most part, these wording changes have no effect on how the card is played; however, a few received functional changes:

  • MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg, Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, MineMine.jpg received a "you may" wording for accountability purposes
  • MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg was changed so players with no cards in hand are skipped
  • EmbargoEmbargo.jpg was changed so each CurseCurse.jpg gained per token on a pile is a separate event, rather than gaining all of them at once
  • OutpostOutpost.jpg was changed to function in a similar way to MissionMission.jpg
  • PossessionPossession.jpg was changed so the Possessing player also receives all D tokens (from Dominion: EmpiresEmpires.jpg) gained
  • Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg was changed to trash before gaining $, which matters if trashing a card that can gain Victory cards when trashed
  • SchemeScheme.jpg was changed so you can no longer choose Actions that are not discarded that turn, such as Durations

A few cards did not receive functional changes, but instead had their wording changed to match their intended function, where previously it was ambiguous:

  • Nomad CampNomad Camp.jpg was changed to make it clear it doesn't visit, as previously its wording matched Villa'sVilla.jpg, which does visit
  • Coin of the RealmCoin of the Realm.jpg, Royal CarriageRoyal Carriage.jpg now refer to finishing "playing" an Action, as opposed to "resolving", which had never been referenced on any other card
  • Black MarketBlack Market.jpg now explicitly says the player may play Treasures before buying a Black Market card
  • EnvoyEnvoy.jpg now says "put in hand" rather than "draw", matching its intended function to ignore the -1 Card token
  • StashStash.jpg lets you look at what remains of your deck when you shuffle, in order to retain its function despite the new rule (see below)
  • TreasuryTreasury.jpg now cares if you gain any Victory card during the Buy phase only, not whether you buy them during your whole turn, which may affect Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg and Black MarketBlack Market.jpg

[edit] Coffers

In reprints of the combined expansion Guilds & CornucopiaGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg a major visual change was made: all references to "take a Coin token" were changed to "+X Coffers". This has no effect on any actual gameplay, but does let the text on the relevant cards take up a little less space, and highlights the taking of Coffers by making it a vanilla bonus.

[edit] Rule changes

With the release of the second editions for the base set and Intrigue, their rulebooks were also updated. For the most part, this was simply streamlining the rules and putting them together in a more compact, friendly way, but there was one, somewhat subtle change to the rules with regards to shuffling. Previously, when you wanted to draw a card (or otherwise do something with your deck), and your deck was empty, you shuffled, then continued drawing. So if you played SmithySmithy.jpg with 2 cards left in your deck, you would have drawn those 2, then shuffled, and drawn 1 more. In the second edition, when your deck is running low, you first check to see if there's enough left to do something with, and if there's not, you shuffle your discard pile, and put that under what's left of your deck. So in the aforementioned situation, with 2 cards left in your deck when you play Smithy, you'd shuffle your discard pile, slide it under those 2 cards, and then draw your 3 cards. Donald X. has cited the ruling as making it easier for situations other than drawing with a near-empty deck.

[edit] Removed cards

See: Removed cards

[edit] Added cards

To replace the cards removed from the base setDominion2.jpg and IntrigueIntrigue2.jpg, 7 new cards were added to each of those sets. Some functioned as fairly direct replacements (such as PatrolPatrol.jpg for ScoutScout.jpg), but others filled needs that Donald X. had felt were lacking in the sets. For instance, the first edition of the base set had several big money enablers, but not a lot of engine support, leading some players of the base game to view it as a solved game where you mostly bought Treasures, so the second edition added several cantrips to balance the set strategically. SeasideSeaside2.jpg dropped 8 cards and some blanks to replace them with 9 new cards. ProsperityProsperity2.jpg dropped 9 cards and added 9 new cards.

[edit] Cards added to Dominion

$3 HarbingerHarbinger.jpg, MerchantMerchant.jpg, VassalVassal.jpg
$4 PoacherPoacher.jpg
$5 BanditBandit.jpg, SentrySentry.jpg
$6 ArtisanArtisan.jpg

[edit] Cards added to Intrigue

$2 LurkerLurker.jpg
$4 DiplomatDiplomat.jpg, MillMill.jpg, Secret PassageSecret Passage.jpg
$5 CourtierCourtier.jpg, PatrolPatrol.jpg, ReplaceReplace.jpg

[edit] Cards added to Seaside

$3 AstrolabeAstrolabe.jpg, MonkeyMonkey.jpg, Sea ChartSea Chart.jpg
$4 BlockadeBlockade.jpg, SailorSailor.jpg, Tide PoolsTide Pools.jpg
$5 CorsairCorsair.jpg, PiratePirate.jpg, Sea WitchSea Witch.jpg

[edit] Cards added to Prosperity

$3 AnvilAnvil.jpg
$4 ClerkClerk.jpg, InvestmentInvestment.jpg, TiaraTiara.jpg
$5 CharlatanCharlatan.jpg, CollectionCollection.jpg, Crystal BallCrystal Ball.jpg, MagnateMagnate.jpg, War ChestWar Chest.jpg

[edit] Cards added to Hinterlands

$3 Guard DogGuard Dog.jpg
$4 NomadsNomads.jpg, TrailTrail.jpg, WeaverWeaver.jpg
$5 BerserkerBerserker.jpg, CauldronCauldron.jpg, SoukSouk.jpg, WheelwrightWheelwright.jpg, Witch's HutWitch's Hut.jpg

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Dominion and Intrigue 2E Secret History

Ah, Love! could thou and I with Fate conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire!
Would not we shatter it to bits - and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

I can't trace exactly how it happened, but over time, I gradually built up an interest in revising the main set and Intrigue. The reasons piled up.

  • It would be nice to have the prettier Base Cards in the main set.
  • We could have a playmat for the trash.
  • I could improve the rulebooks.
  • I could improve card wordings.
  • Hey I could actually replace some cards with better ones.

We couldn't replace cards without providing them separately. We could do that though, we could provide them separately. A small box with just the new cards. Two mini-expansions (that would go out of print when demand for them fell off).

In June 2015 I decided to go for it. I started thinking about it and talking about it with playtesters; I didn't actually test any new cards until July. Empires was still going on but that was fine, I would test Empires cards and slip in the new main set / Intrigue cards. Later of course it got to be the focus. Initially I was going to replace five cards and add one (there's space due to taking out the randomizer-backed base cards). I eventually came around to replacing six (and adding one) instead.

My goal with the replacements was to increase the number of decks to build, the number of things to do, while keeping things simple. Simplicity is tough with so many expansions but man I am pretty pleased with the complexity level of the new main set cards. The Intrigue cards are more complex but still pretty reasonable. There was the additional goal of just fixing any other problems I could fix, whatever problems there were, but the main goal was to have more things you could do.

Normally these posts just talk about new stuff, but today I also get to talk about the old stuff. Why did I replace cards? Right, to make the sets better. The main set and Intrigue have the most duds - the most cards that experienced players rarely buy, that usually aren't worth considering. Or, in the case of some main set cards, that just didn't add much to the game, didn't give you things to do. Seaside is 3rd but much better by this metric; after Seaside there just aren't many duds to speak of in any one expansion. I have big plans to fix wordings in every pre-Empires set, but only Dominion and Intrigue are getting new cards.

If I redid the main set from scratch, more things would change. For example I might do a draw-first CellarCellar.jpg like WarehouseWarehouse.jpg because that's simpler. There are rules things: for example I might change how Reactions work. But I was just replacing six cards, adding one, and keeping the game compatible with all the expansions.

Actually, there's one rules change: the exact way it tells you to deal with shuffling is different. It now says, when you have to do something with more cards than are left, shuffle your discard pile, put it under your deck, then do the thing (or, put the remaining cards on top of the shuffled cards, same difference). This has no functional difference though (except with the promo Stash, which will get a wording to fix this when reprinted), and was already how some people did it. I changed that (from "do the thing with the remaining cards, then shuffle to get the rest") to clarify tricky situations like, what if I trash Overgrown EstateOvergrown Estate.jpg with LookoutLookout.jpg - is the card I draw one of the ones I'm looking at, or what? "Do the thing with the remaining cards" worked a lot better when the thing was always "draw." The rulings haven't changed but now it's easier to see what happens. It's also easier to remember how many cards you have left to draw after playing your Smithy and shuffling (though I personally was already putting the 1-2 cards on the Smithy while shuffling so I'd remember).

In the end it seemed reasonable to also change three cards functionally in a very mild way. MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg, MineMine.jpg, and Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg all should say "you may." It keeps you honest. You play Moneylender for some exotic reason (like making PeddlerPeddler.jpg cheaper) but don't want to trash a Copper (that you do have in hand). You can get away with cheating. The card should either make you reveal that you have no CopperCopper.jpg, or be optional so that it's legal to not trash the Copper (and being optional is simpler/shorter and so preferred). This essentially never comes up for MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg and MineMine.jpg. It does come up with Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg once in a while though. It was a question, should the mini-expansions include these changes. In the end it seemed like, that's such a poor product - buying MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg etc. again just for "you may." I didn't want to be selling that to people extra, that didn't seem like an option. The options were not making the changes, or including the changes in the set but not the mini-expansion. I went with the latter and well I hope everyone is okay with that.

A similar thing came up for one Intrigue card, MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg. You can potentially lock your opponent out of cards (in a 2-player game) with certain combinations - for example, King's CourtKing's Court.jpg, MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg, MilitiaMilitia.jpg. Every turn you play out the rest of your deck, MilitiaMilitia.jpg them, King's CourtKing's Court.jpg a MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg, and they pass you three cards that you trash, while you don't pass them any. It is not an especially common situation, and most players who don't read up on these things in forums probably don't know about it. Still it has a fix - having Masquerade not include players with no cards in hand - and here was my chance to do it. I went for it. Again this is not part of the mini-expansion.

The plan was to update the base cards in both sets, but Jay started thinking, why not shift Intrigue to a regular expansion? Since Base Cards is a product now, you can just buy Base Cards and whatever expansion; it doesn't have to be Intrigue. People who want 5-6 player support can buy Base Cards; people who don't want it don't have to pay extra to have it included in Intrigue.

So all together the changes are:

  • Six cards dropped
  • Seven cards added
  • Three cards changed very mildly ("you may") / one card changed mildly
  • Base cards improved with art / base cards dropped
  • Other cards changed to have better phrasings (that are functionally the same).
  • Rulebooks improved
  • A trash playmat in the main set

The base cards are actually better than the Base Cards product ones (which will be updated to match); they have art but reinstate the big symbol (but smaller). In some cases the art had to be nudged down to fit the symbol nicely. PlatinumPlatinum.jpg (in Prosperity) will actually get new art; there was no nice way to put the coin on or above the pyramid.

Card text will change for all sets prior to Empires (which already has these changes, so you can go see how you like them there right now). The different kinds of changes:

  • Some wordings are improved to be clearer / simpler.
  • We now use "they" instead of "he."
  • A bigger font is used on cards that can use it.
  • +Cards etc. in the body of the text are in bold.
  • Layout will be more consistent and have better text centering etc.

A very small number of other cards may have changes. I don't have a complete list (and won't until all the work is done); the idea is to only do this when the wording gets a lot better and the change almost never comes up. It's not all the stuff I would change if only; it's really confined to nice improvements that only matter in exotic corner cases.

And PossessionPossession.jpg will change to also give you tokens, but that's already errata to handle Debt tokens. And Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg will have a wording that makes it clear it doesn't interact with Guilds coin tokens.

  • Other Outtakes *

I tried to make a new SaboteurSaboteur.jpg. There were several variations on "each other player trashes their top card, and gains a cheaper card they choose that shares a type with it." That attack preserves the ability to downgrade ProvinceProvince.jpgs, and is much simpler. But it's just so very weak (whether looking at one or two cards). The main good outcome is turning SilverSilver.jpg into CopperCopper.jpg; that actually hurts. When you hit an Action, it's not meaningless but it just doesn't matter much. And then late in the game nothing matters but Victory cards. Anyway I still gave it a lot of chances in different forms.

I also tried to make a new SpySpy.jpg. SpiesSpy.jpg are just so weak. I tried it on HarbingerHarbinger.jpg; man, so much text, messing up my classic simple card, and for nothing. I tried a SpySpy.jpg with "+1 Action +$3, discard 2 cards" as its resources. I also tried combining SaboteurSaboteur.jpg and SpySpy.jpg - the non-trashed cards went back on top. It was even weaker than the other SaboteurSaboteur.jpgs.

A couple similar cards tried to reward you for having more cards in hand than someone else. You play that LabLaboratory.jpg and then aha, play this and get a bonus. In practice it was too hard to get the bonus. I made the base good and the bonus large and still it was rarely worth getting.

A couple cards tried to be a better CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg. I had a Treasure from Empires that seemed perfect - name a card, worth $1 per copy of it you have in play. If you name CopperCopper.jpg, it's the Treasure version of CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg; but if you have a bunch of VillageVillage.jpgs in play or something, okay, name that. And you never completely whiff, since you can name itself to just get $1. But uh. It has to cost at least $5 and was just never worth it. It looked classic but that wasn't enough.

In the ArtisanArtisan.jpg slot, I tried a reusable FeastFeast.jpg. It was FeastFeast.jpg but you could either trash it or discard down to one card. You know, I kind of liked it, but "better FeastFeast.jpg" wasn't such a claim to fame, and being strictly better than a dead card might still bug some people, and then I had a better idea.

  • And That's That *

There are always people who don't like whatever change; sorry guys. To me this move does not feel risky. The main set and Intrigue are getting better. And if you just want the new cards, they're available separately.

Given that I've posted this, the new main set and Intrigue and the two Update Packs all must be in stores or on their way there. There's no precise schedule for changing the other sets; it will come up as they go out of print. The Big Box will also change, as will the Base Cards product. I don't know the schedules there either. Again other sets won't be getting new cards, just improved wordings and layout.

[edit] Second Editions for other expansions

This quote was from before 2022, when Seaside, Prosperity, and Hinterlands all got 2Es.

Seaside: Pearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg, NavigatorNavigator.jpg, Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg, Sea HagSea Hag.jpg, EmbargoEmbargo.jpg, LookoutLookout.jpg. The first three are duds; Sea HagSea Hag.jpg because I don't like having two cheap junking attacks in one set and would rather take out Sea HagSea Hag.jpg than AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg, plus some people don't like that it has no upside, just attack; EmbargoEmbargo.jpg is a dud but also I get to not include EmbargoEmbargo.jpg tokens; LookoutLookout.jpg is fine but a lot of casual players don't like it. With any 2E I would try to make better versions of cards that left that had merit to the premise or flavor, and would try to get more use out of extra components. So here, I'd have maybe 3 cards that used the coin tokens, and a different Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg. I wanted to do a Seaside 2E; it didn't happen because Jay didn't want to ask Valerie if we could replace HaremHarem.jpg and give her a new card in Intrigue 2E, and well Seaside has two cards depicting people, Pearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg and NavigatorNavigator.jpg. Plus Jay had boxes of EmbargoEmbargo.jpg tokens sitting around. It still might happen someday; the usual problem is, it's competing with all other projects.

Prosperity: Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg, TalismanTalisman.jpg, ContrabandContraband.jpg, MountebankMountebank.jpg, VentureVenture.jpg, Royal SealRoyal Seal.jpg. Yes I'd keep Counting HouseCounting House.jpg as a narrow card that's sometimes fun. MountebankMountebank.jpg would go for being strong and making the game less fun, the rest include some nice concepts but want to be better.

Hinterlands: The problem here is that mostly I want to tweak cards but keep them, which results in an update pack we can't really sell. So e.g.: move +Buy from MargraveMargrave.jpg to CacheCache.jpg; drop the Reactions from Fool's GoldFool's Gold.jpg and TraderTrader.jpg; make Ill-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpg a $6 that makes $2 and CurseCurse.jpgs on-gain. There are still cards to replace too though: Noble BrigandNoble Brigand.jpg (weak), MandarinMandarin.jpg (weak, rare weird issues), OracleOracle.jpg (so slow).

Dark Ages: RebuildRebuild.jpg, CultistCultist.jpg, UrchinUrchin.jpg/MercenaryMercenary.jpg, Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg, StoreroomStoreroom.jpg. RebuildRebuild.jpg makes games bad when you have a medium amount of enlightenment; CultistCultist.jpg is monolithic; UrchinUrchin.jpg is not really good times; Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg might just become the new one but it would make the update pack; StoreroomStoreroom.jpg just to round it out to 6, I personally rarely buy it though someone would miss it.

Alchemy: Ideally this would just go out of print (it's unlikely to). I could rescue the best ideas with new cards in other expansions.

Guilds & Cornucopia: I don't think there are enough to do this one. HarvestHarvest.jpg is a dud. I don't enjoy the gameplay of DoctorDoctor.jpg. I might be able to make a better version of MasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg. There are a few more that a lot of people wouldn't miss, that could go if I had to replace more cards.

There aren't going to be enough for the later sets. In Adventures, I regret the giant mess that is InheritanceInheritance.jpg, and that WarriorWarrior.jpg can kill WarriorWarrior.jpgs. For Empires, OverlordOverlord.jpg has Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg issues, and EncampmentEncampment.jpg has an awkward uh way you deal with it, though people like it. For non-expert players, Nocturne has some serious complexity issues, but I can't just replace 6 cards to fix that; for starters I need to take out Hexes completely. Really it wants to be split into two expansions. For Renaissance I just want the cards to be printed with the right colors. If I were still working on it I might take out Artifacts completely, but I don't regret those cards, it's just that three of them didn't need the Artifacts and could have been simpler.

The promos are not impressive as a group, with some duds and some overpowered cards. They don't even have an expansion though, so they really aren't in line for an update pack.

[edit] Dominion and Intrigue 3E

It seems very unlikely that there will ever be an IntrigueIntrigue.jpg 3E, even though there are a few cards it would be nice to replace. I guess I can see someday just renaming HaremHarem.jpg without making it a 3E or anything, la la la. Probably making it available as a promo to be friendly.

DominionDominion.jpg 3E is unlikely but at least more likely, just because, it's the main product, it sure wants to be good. There are things I'd tweak, but so far it seems good enough. The kinds of things that you can complain about are way less relevant for the new players buying it.

In general I can't talk about potential 2E stuff, because if I'm willing to say "that's not happening" then you'll know by me not saying it that it is, and if I'm willing to say "that's happening" then the fact of it happening will delay it happening, as the product can't come out until existing stock sells out. So, I can't talk about potential 2E's. I thought, why not comment on this 3E thing though. But I will try not to in the future, I mean if someday there's a DominionDominion.jpg 3E, it will sure have the same issue.

Dominion Cards
Basic cards $0 CopperCopper.jpgCurseCurse.jpg $2 EstateEstate.jpg $3 SilverSilver.jpg $5 DuchyDuchy.jpg $6 GoldGold.jpg $8 ProvinceProvince.jpg
Dominion $2 CellarCellar.jpgChapelChapel.jpgMoatMoat.jpg $3 HarbingerHarbinger.jpg • MerchantMerchant.jpgVassalVassal.jpgVillageVillage.jpgWorkshopWorkshop.jpg $4 BureaucratBureaucrat.jpgGardensGardens.jpgMilitiaMilitia.jpgMoneylenderMoneylender.jpgPoacherPoacher.jpgRemodelRemodel.jpgSmithySmithy.jpgThrone RoomThrone Room.jpg $5 BanditBandit.jpgCouncil RoomCouncil Room.jpgFestivalFestival.jpgLaboratoryLaboratory.jpgLibraryLibrary.jpgMarketMarket.jpgMineMine.jpgSentrySentry.jpg • WitchWitch.jpg $6 ArtisanArtisan.jpg
Removed cards: $3 ChancellorChancellor.jpgWoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg $4 FeastFeast.jpgSpySpy.jpgThiefThief.jpg $6 AdventurerAdventurer.jpg
Intrigue $2 CourtyardCourtyard.jpgLurkerLurker.jpgPawnPawn.jpg $3 MasqueradeMasquerade.jpgShanty TownShanty Town.jpgStewardSteward.jpgSwindlerSwindler.jpgWishing WellWishing Well.jpg $4 BaronBaron.jpgBridgeBridge.jpgConspiratorConspirator.jpgDiplomatDiplomat.jpgIronworksIronworks.jpgMillMill.jpgMining VillageMining Village.jpgSecret PassageSecret Passage.jpg $5 CourtierCourtier.jpgDukeDuke.jpgMinionMinion.jpgPatrolPatrol.jpgReplaceReplace.jpgTorturerTorturer.jpgTrading PostTrading Post.jpgUpgradeUpgrade.jpg $6 FarmFarm.jpgNoblesNobles.jpg
Removed cards: $2 Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg $3 Great HallGreat Hall.jpg $4 CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpgScoutScout.jpg $5 SaboteurSaboteur.jpgTributeTribute.jpg $6 HaremHarem.jpg
Seaside $2 HavenHaven.jpgLighthouseLighthouse.jpgNative VillageNative Village.jpg $3 AstrolabeAstrolabe.jpgFishing VillageFishing Village.jpgLookoutLookout.jpgMonkeyMonkey.jpgSea ChartSea Chart.jpgSmugglersSmugglers.jpgWarehouseWarehouse.jpg $4 BlockadeBlockade.jpgCaravanCaravan.jpgCutpurseCutpurse.jpgIslandIsland.jpgSailorSailor.jpgSalvagerSalvager.jpgTide PoolsTide Pools.jpgTreasure MapTreasure Map.jpg $5 BazaarBazaar.jpgCorsairCorsair.jpgMerchant ShipMerchant Ship.jpgOutpostOutpost.jpgPiratePirate.jpgSea WitchSea Witch.jpgTacticianTactician.jpgTreasuryTreasury.jpgWharfWharf.jpg
Removed cards: $2 EmbargoEmbargo.jpgPearl DiverPearl Diver.jpg $3 AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg $4 NavigatorNavigator.jpgPirate ShipPirate Ship.jpgSea HagSea Hag.jpg $5 ExplorerExplorer.jpgGhost ShipGhost Ship.jpg
Alchemy P TransmuteTransmute.jpgVineyardVineyard.jpg $2 HerbalistHerbalist.jpg $2P ApothecaryApothecary.jpgScrying PoolScrying Pool.jpgUniversityUniversity.jpg $3P AlchemistAlchemist.jpgFamiliarFamiliar.jpgPhilosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone.jpg $4 PotionPotion.jpg $4P GolemGolem.jpg $5 ApprenticeApprentice.jpg $6P PossessionPossession.jpg
Prosperity $3 AnvilAnvil.jpgWatchtowerWatchtower.jpg $4 BishopBishop.jpgClerkClerk.jpgInvestmentInvestment.jpgTiaraTiara.jpgMonumentMonument.jpgQuarryQuarry.jpgWorker's VillageWorker's Village.jpg $5 CharlatanCharlatan.jpgCityCity.jpgCollectionCollection.jpgCrystal BallCrystal Ball.jpgMagnateMagnate.jpgMintMint.jpgRabbleRabble.jpgVaultVault.jpgWar ChestWar Chest.jpg $6 HoardHoard.jpg $6star Grand MarketGrand Market.jpg $7 BankBank.jpgExpandExpand.jpgForgeForge.jpgKing's CourtKing's Court.jpg $8star PeddlerPeddler.jpg $9 PlatinumPlatinum.jpg $11 ColonyColony.jpg
Removed cards: $3 LoanLoan.jpgTrade RouteTrade Route.jpg $4 TalismanTalisman.jpg $5 ContrabandContraband.jpgCounting HouseCounting House.jpgMountebankMountebank.jpgRoyal SealRoyal Seal.jpgVentureVenture.jpg $6 GoonsGoons.jpg
Cornucopia $2 HamletHamlet.jpg $3 Fortune TellerFortune Teller.jpgMenagerieMenagerie.jpg $4 Farming VillageFarming Village.jpgHorse TradersHorse Traders.jpgRemakeRemake.jpgTournamentTournament.jpg (Prizes: Bag of GoldBag of Gold.jpgDiademDiadem.jpgFollowersFollowers.jpgPrincessPrincess.jpgTrusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg) • Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg $5 HarvestHarvest.jpgHorn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpgHunting PartyHunting Party.jpgJesterJester.jpg $6 FairgroundsFairgrounds.jpg
Hinterlands $2 CrossroadsCrossroads.jpgFool's GoldFool's Gold.jpg $3 DevelopDevelop.jpgGuard DogGuard Dog.jpgOasisOasis.jpgSchemeScheme.jpgTunnelTunnel.jpg $4 Jack of All TradesJack of All Trades.jpgNomadsNomads.jpgSpice MerchantSpice Merchant.jpgTraderTrader.jpgTrailTrail.jpgWeaverWeaver.jpg $5 BerserkerBerserker.jpgCartographerCartographer.jpgCauldronCauldron.jpgHagglerHaggler.jpgHighwayHighway.jpgInnInn.jpgMargraveMargrave.jpgSoukSouk.jpgStablesStables.jpgWheelwrightWheelwright.jpgWitch's HutWitch's Hut.jpg $6 Border VillageBorder Village.jpgFarmlandFarmland.jpg
Removed cards: $2 DuchessDuchess.jpg $3 OracleOracle.jpg $4 Noble BrigandNoble Brigand.jpgNomad CampNomad Camp.jpgSilk RoadSilk Road.jpg $5 CacheCache.jpgEmbassyEmbassy.jpgIll-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpgMandarinMandarin.jpg
Dark Ages $0 Ruins (Abandoned MineAbandoned Mine.jpgRuined LibraryRuined Library.jpgRuined MarketRuined Market.jpgRuined VillageRuined Village.jpgSurvivorsSurvivors.jpg) $0star SpoilsSpoils.jpg $1 Poor HousePoor House.jpgShelters (HovelHovel.jpgNecropolisNecropolis.jpgOvergrown EstateOvergrown Estate.jpg) $2 BeggarBeggar.jpgSquireSquire.jpgVagrantVagrant.jpg $3 ForagerForager.jpgHermitHermit.jpg (MadmanMadman.jpg) • Market SquareMarket Square.jpgSageSage.jpgStoreroomStoreroom.jpgUrchinUrchin.jpg (MercenaryMercenary.jpg) $4 ArmoryArmory.jpgDeath CartDeath Cart.jpgFeodumFeodum.jpgFortressFortress.jpgIronmongerIronmonger.jpgMarauderMarauder.jpgProcessionProcession.jpgRatsRats.jpgScavengerScavenger.jpgWandering MinstrelWandering Minstrel.jpg $5 Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpgBandit CampBandit Camp.jpgCatacombsCatacombs.jpgCountCount.jpgCounterfeitCounterfeit.jpgCultistCultist.jpgGraverobberGraverobber.jpgJunk DealerJunk Dealer.jpgKnightsKnights.jpg (Dames AnnaDame Anna.jpgJosephineDame Josephine.jpgMollyDame Molly.jpgNatalieDame Natalie.jpgSylviaDame Sylvia.jpg • Sirs BaileySir Bailey.jpgDestrySir Destry.jpgMartinSir Martin.jpgMichaelSir Michael.jpgVanderSir Vander.jpg) • MysticMystic.jpgPillagePillage.jpgRebuildRebuild.jpgRogueRogue.jpg $6 AltarAltar.jpgHunting GroundsHunting Grounds.jpg
Guilds $2 Candlestick MakerCandlestick Maker.jpg $2plus StonemasonStonemason.jpg $3plus DoctorDoctor.jpgMasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg $4 AdvisorAdvisor.jpgPlazaPlaza.jpgTaxmanTaxman.jpg $4plus HeraldHerald.jpg $5 BakerBaker.jpgButcherButcher.jpgJourneymanJourneyman.jpgMerchant GuildMerchant Guild.jpgSoothsayerSoothsayer.jpg
Adventures $2 Coin of the RealmCoin of the Realm.jpgPagePage.jpg (Treasure HunterTreasure Hunter.jpgWarriorWarrior.jpgHeroHero.jpgChampionChampion.jpg) • PeasantPeasant.jpg (SoldierSoldier.jpgFugitiveFugitive.jpgDiscipleDisciple.jpgTeacherTeacher.jpg) • RatcatcherRatcatcher.jpgRazeRaze.jpg $3 AmuletAmulet.jpgCaravan GuardCaravan Guard.jpgDungeonDungeon.jpgGearGear.jpgGuideGuide.jpg $4 DuplicateDuplicate.jpgMagpieMagpie.jpgMessengerMessenger.jpgMiserMiser.jpgPortPort.jpgRangerRanger.jpgTransmogrifyTransmogrify.jpg $5 ArtificerArtificer.jpgBridge TrollBridge Troll.jpgDistant LandsDistant Lands.jpgGiantGiant.jpgHaunted WoodsHaunted Woods.jpgLost CityLost City.jpgRelicRelic.jpgRoyal CarriageRoyal Carriage.jpgStorytellerStoryteller.jpgSwamp HagSwamp Hag.jpgTreasure TroveTreasure Trove.jpgWine MerchantWine Merchant.jpg $6 HirelingHireling.jpg
Events: $0 AlmsAlms.jpgBorrowBorrow.jpgQuestQuest.jpg $1 SaveSave.jpg $2 Scouting PartyScouting Party.jpgTravelling FairTravelling Fair.jpg $3 BonfireBonfire.jpgExpeditionExpedition.jpgFerryFerry.jpgPlanPlan.jpg $4 MissionMission.jpgPilgrimagePilgrimage.jpg $5 BallBall.jpgRaidRaid.jpgSeawaySeaway.jpgTradeTrade.jpg $6 Lost ArtsLost Arts.jpgTrainingTraining.jpg $7 InheritanceInheritance.jpg $8 PathfindingPathfinding.jpg
Empires 4D EngineerEngineer.jpg 8D City QuarterCity Quarter.jpgOverlordOverlord.jpgRoyal BlacksmithRoyal Blacksmith.jpg $2 EncampmentEncampment.jpg/PlunderPlunder.jpgPatricianPatrician.jpg/EmporiumEmporium.jpgSettlersSettlers.jpg/Bustling VillageBustling Village.jpg $3 CastlesCastles.jpg (HumbleHumble Castle.jpgCrumblingCrumbling Castle.jpgSmallSmall Castle.jpgHauntedHaunted Castle.jpgOpulentOpulent Castle.jpgSprawlingSprawling Castle.jpgGrandGrand Castle.jpgKing'sKing's Castle.jpg) • CatapultCatapult.jpg/RocksRocks.jpgChariot RaceChariot Race.jpgEnchantressEnchantress.jpgFarmers' MarketFarmers' Market.jpgGladiatorGladiator.jpg/FortuneFortune.jpg $4 SacrificeSacrifice.jpgTempleTemple.jpgVillaVilla.jpg $5 ArchiveArchive.jpgCapitalCapital.jpgCharmCharm.jpgCrownCrown.jpgForumForum.jpgGroundskeeperGroundskeeper.jpgLegionaryLegionary.jpgWild HuntWild Hunt.jpg
Events: 5D TriumphTriumph.jpg 8D AnnexAnnex.jpgDonateDonate.jpg $0 AdvanceAdvance.jpg $2 DelveDelve.jpgTaxTax.jpg $3 BanquetBanquet.jpg $4 RitualRitual.jpgSalt the EarthSalt the Earth.jpg $43D WeddingWedding.jpg $5 WindfallWindfall.jpg $6 ConquestConquest.jpg $14 DominateDominate.jpg
Landmarks: AqueductAqueduct.jpgArenaArena.jpgBandit FortBandit Fort.jpgBasilicaBasilica.jpgBathsBaths.jpgBattlefieldBattlefield.jpgColonnadeColonnade.jpgDefiled ShrineDefiled Shrine.jpgFountainFountain.jpgKeepKeep.jpgLabyrinthLabyrinth.jpgMountain PassMountain Pass.jpgMuseumMuseum.jpgObeliskObelisk.jpgOrchardOrchard.jpgPalacePalace.jpgTombTomb.jpgTowerTower.jpgTriumphal ArchTriumphal Arch.jpgWallWall.jpgWolf DenWolf Den.jpg
Nocturne $0star Will-o'-WispWill-o'-Wisp.jpgWishWish.jpg $2 DruidDruid.jpgFaithful HoundFaithful Hound.jpgGuardianGuardian.jpgMonasteryMonastery.jpgPixiePixie.jpg (GoatGoat.jpg) • TrackerTracker.jpg (PouchPouch.jpg) $2star ImpImp.jpg $3 ChangelingChangeling.jpgFoolFool.jpg (Lost in the WoodsLost in the Woods.jpgLucky CoinLucky Coin.jpg) • Ghost TownGhost Town.jpgLeprechaunLeprechaun.jpgNight WatchmanNight Watchman.jpgSecret CaveSecret Cave.jpg (Magic LampMagic Lamp.jpg) $4 BardBard.jpgBlessed VillageBlessed Village.jpgCemeteryCemetery.jpg (Haunted MirrorHaunted Mirror.jpg) • ConclaveConclave.jpgDevil's WorkshopDevil's Workshop.jpgExorcistExorcist.jpgNecromancerNecromancer.jpg (Zombies: ApprenticeZombie Apprentice.jpgMasonZombie Mason.jpgSpyZombie Spy.jpg) • ShepherdShepherd.jpg (PasturePasture.jpg) • SkulkSkulk.jpg $4star GhostGhost.jpg $5 CobblerCobbler.jpgCryptCrypt.jpgCursed VillageCursed Village.jpgDen of SinDen of Sin.jpgIdolIdol.jpgPookaPooka.jpg (Cursed GoldCursed Gold.jpg) • Sacred GroveSacred Grove.jpgTormentorTormentor.jpgTragic HeroTragic Hero.jpgVampireVampire.jpg (BatBat.jpg) • WerewolfWerewolf.jpg $6 RaiderRaider.jpg
Boons: The Earth's GiftThe Earth's Gift.jpgFieldThe Field's Gift.jpgFlameThe Flame's Gift.jpgForestThe Forest's Gift.jpgMoonThe Moon's Gift.jpgMountainThe Mountain's Gift.jpgRiverThe River's Gift.jpgSeaThe Sea's Gift.jpgSkyThe Sky's Gift.jpgSunThe Sun's Gift.jpgSwampThe Swamp's Gift.jpgWindThe Wind's Gift.jpg
Hexes: Bad OmensBad Omens.jpgDelusionDelusion.jpg (DeludedDeluded.jpg) • EnvyEnvy.jpg (EnviousEnvious.jpg) • FamineFamine.jpgFearFear.jpgGreedGreed.jpgHauntingHaunting.jpgLocustsLocusts.jpgMiseryMisery.jpg (MiserableMiserable.jpg/Twice MiserableTwice Miserable.jpg) • PlaguePlague.jpgPovertyPoverty.jpgWarWar.jpg
Renaissance $2 Border GuardBorder Guard.jpg (HornHorn.jpgLanternLantern.jpg) • DucatDucat.jpgLackeysLackeys.jpg $3 Acting TroupeActing Troupe.jpgCargo ShipCargo Ship.jpgExperimentExperiment.jpgImproveImprove.jpg $4 Flag BearerFlag Bearer.jpg (FlagFlag.jpg) • HideoutHideout.jpgInventorInventor.jpgMountain VillageMountain Village.jpgPatronPatron.jpgPriestPriest.jpgResearchResearch.jpgSilk MerchantSilk Merchant.jpg $5 Old WitchOld Witch.jpgRecruiterRecruiter.jpgScepterScepter.jpgScholarScholar.jpgSculptorSculptor.jpgSeerSeer.jpgSpicesSpices.jpgSwashbucklerSwashbuckler.jpg (Treasure ChestTreasure Chest.jpg) • TreasurerTreasurer.jpg (KeyKey.jpg) • VillainVillain.jpg
Projects: $3 CathedralCathedral.jpgCity GateCity Gate.jpgPageantPageant.jpgSewersSewers.jpgStar ChartStar Chart.jpg $4 ExplorationExploration.jpgFairFair.jpgSilosSilos.jpgSinister PlotSinister Plot.jpg $5 AcademyAcademy.jpgCapitalismCapitalism.jpgFleetFleet.jpgGuildhallGuildhall.jpgPiazzaPiazza.jpgRoad NetworkRoad Network.jpg $6 BarracksBarracks.jpgCrop RotationCrop Rotation.jpgInnovationInnovation.jpg $7 CanalCanal.jpg $8 CitadelCitadel.jpg
Menagerie $2 Black CatBlack Cat.jpgSleighSleigh.jpgSuppliesSupplies.jpg $3 Camel TrainCamel Train.jpgGoatherdGoatherd.jpgScrapScrap.jpgSheepdogSheepdog.jpgSnowy VillageSnowy Village.jpgStockpileStockpile.jpg $3star HorseHorse.jpg $4 Bounty HunterBounty Hunter.jpgCardinalCardinal.jpgCavalryCavalry.jpgGroomGroom.jpgHostelryHostelry.jpgVillage GreenVillage Green.jpg $5 BargeBarge.jpgCovenCoven.jpgDisplaceDisplace.jpgFalconerFalconer.jpgGatekeeperGatekeeper.jpgHunting LodgeHunting Lodge.jpgKilnKiln.jpgLiveryLivery.jpgMastermindMastermind.jpgPaddockPaddock.jpgSanctuarySanctuary.jpg $5star FishermanFisherman.jpg $6star DestrierDestrier.jpgWayfarerWayfarer.jpg $7star Animal FairAnimal Fair.jpg
Events: $0 DelayDelay.jpgDesperationDesperation.jpg $2 GambleGamble.jpgPursuePursue.jpgRideRide.jpgToilToil.jpg $3 EnhanceEnhance.jpgMarchMarch.jpgTransportTransport.jpg $4 BanishBanish.jpgBargainBargain.jpgInvestInvest.jpgSeize the DaySeize the Day.jpg $5 CommerceCommerce.jpgDemandDemand.jpgStampedeStampede.jpg $7 ReapReap.jpg $8 EnclaveEnclave.jpg $10 AllianceAlliance.jpgPopulatePopulate.jpg
Ways: ButterflyWay of the Butterfly.jpgCamelWay of the Camel.jpgChameleonWay of the Chameleon.jpgFrogWay of the Frog.jpgGoatWay of the Goat.jpgHorseWay of the Horse.jpgMoleWay of the Mole.jpgMonkeyWay of the Monkey.jpgMouseWay of the Mouse.jpgMuleWay of the Mule.jpgOtterWay of the Otter.jpgOwlWay of the Owl.jpgOxWay of the Ox.jpgPigWay of the Pig.jpgRatWay of the Rat.jpgSealWay of the Seal.jpgSheepWay of the Sheep.jpgSquirrelWay of the Squirrel.jpgTurtleWay of the Turtle.jpgWormWay of the Worm.jpg
Allies $2 BaubleBauble.jpgSycophantSycophant.jpgTownsfolkTownsfolk.jpg (Town CrierTown Crier.jpg / BlacksmithBlacksmith.jpg / MillerMiller.jpg / ElderElder.jpg) $3 AugursAugurs.jpg (Herb GathererHerb Gatherer.jpg / AcolyteAcolyte.jpg / SorceressSorceress.jpg / SibylSibyl.jpg) • ClashesClashes.jpg (Battle PlanBattle Plan.jpg / ArcherArcher.jpg / WarlordWarlord.jpg / TerritoryTerritory.jpg) • FortsForts.jpg (TentTent.jpg / GarrisonGarrison.jpg / Hill FortHill Fort.jpg / StrongholdStronghold.jpg) • ImporterImporter.jpgMerchant CampMerchant Camp.jpgOdysseysOdysseys.jpg (Old MapOld Map.jpg / VoyageVoyage.jpg / Sunken TreasureSunken Treasure.jpg / Distant ShoreDistant Shore.jpg) • SentinelSentinel.jpgUnderlingUnderling.jpgWizardsWizards.jpg (StudentStudent.jpg / ConjurerConjurer.jpg / SorcererSorcerer.jpg / LichLich.jpg) $4 BrokerBroker.jpgCarpenterCarpenter.jpgCourierCourier.jpgInnkeeperInnkeeper.jpgRoyal GalleyRoyal Galley.jpgTownTown.jpg $5 BarbarianBarbarian.jpgCapital CityCapital City.jpgContractContract.jpgEmissaryEmissary.jpgGalleriaGalleria.jpgGuildmasterGuildmaster.jpgHighwaymanHighwayman.jpgHunterHunter.jpgModifyModify.jpgSkirmisherSkirmisher.jpgSpecialistSpecialist.jpgSwapSwap.jpg $6 MarquisMarquis.jpg
Allies: Architects' GuildArchitects' Guild.jpgBand of NomadsBand of Nomads.jpgCave DwellersCave Dwellers.jpgCircle of WitchesCircle of Witches.jpgCity-stateCity-state.jpgCoastal HavenCoastal Haven.jpgCrafters' GuildCrafters' Guild.jpgDesert GuidesDesert Guides.jpgFamily of InventorsFamily of Inventors.jpgFellowship of ScribesFellowship of Scribes.jpgForest DwellersForest Dwellers.jpgGang of PickpocketsGang of Pickpockets.jpgIsland FolkIsland Folk.jpgLeague of BankersLeague of Bankers.jpgLeague of ShopkeepersLeague of Shopkeepers.jpgMarket TownsMarket Towns.jpgMountain FolkMountain Folk.jpgOrder of AstrologersOrder of Astrologers.jpgOrder of MasonsOrder of Masons.jpgPeaceful CultPeaceful Cult.jpgPlateau ShepherdsPlateau Shepherds.jpgTrappers' LodgeTrappers' Lodge.jpgWoodworkers' GuildWoodworkers' Guild.jpg
Plunder $2 CageCage.jpgGrottoGrotto.jpgJewelled EggJewelled Egg.jpgSearchSearch.jpgShamanShaman.jpg $3 Secluded ShrineSecluded Shrine.jpgSirenSiren.jpgStowawayStowaway.jpgTaskmasterTaskmaster.jpg $4 AbundanceAbundance.jpgCabin BoyCabin Boy.jpgCrucibleCrucible.jpgFlagshipFlagship.jpgFortune HunterFortune Hunter.jpgGondolaGondola.jpgHarbor VillageHarbor Village.jpgLanding PartyLanding Party.jpgMapmakerMapmaker.jpgMaroonMaroon.jpgRopeRope.jpgSwamp ShacksSwamp Shacks.jpgToolsTools.jpg $5 Buried TreasureBuried Treasure.jpgCrewCrew.jpgCutthroatCutthroat.jpgEnlargeEnlarge.jpgFigurineFigurine.jpgFirst MateFirst Mate.jpgFrigateFrigate.jpgLongshipLongship.jpgMining RoadMining Road.jpgPendantPendant.jpgPickaxePickaxe.jpgPilgrimPilgrim.jpgQuartermasterQuartermaster.jpgSilver MineSilver Mine.jpgTricksterTrickster.jpgWealthy VillageWealthy Village.jpg $6 Sack of LootSack of Loot.jpg $7 King's CacheKing's Cache.jpg $7star Loots (AmphoraAmphora.jpgDoubloonsDoubloons.jpgEndless ChaliceEndless Chalice.jpgFigureheadFigurehead.jpgHammerHammer.jpgInsigniaInsignia.jpgJewelsJewels.jpgOrbOrb.jpgPrize GoatPrize Goat.jpgPuzzle BoxPuzzle Box.jpgSextantSextant.jpgShieldShield.jpgSpell ScrollSpell Scroll.jpgStaffStaff.jpgSwordSword.jpg)
Events: $1 BuryBury.jpg $2 AvoidAvoid.jpgDeliverDeliver.jpgPerilPeril.jpgRushRush.jpg $3 ForayForay.jpgLaunchLaunch.jpgMirrorMirror.jpgPreparePrepare.jpgScroungeScrounge.jpg $4 MaelstromMaelstrom.jpgJourneyJourney.jpg $6 LootingLooting.jpg $10 InvasionInvasion.jpgProsperProsper.jpg
Traits: CheapCheap.jpgCursedCursed.jpgFatedFated.jpgFawningFawning.jpgFriendlyFriendly.jpgHastyHasty.jpgInheritedInherited.jpgInspiringInspiring.jpgNearbyNearby.jpgPatientPatient.jpgPiousPious.jpgRecklessReckless.jpgRichRich.jpgShyShy.jpgTirelessTireless.jpg
Promo $3 Black MarketBlack Market.jpgChurchChurch.jpg $4 DismantleDismantle.jpgEnvoyEnvoy.jpgSaunaSauna.jpg/AvantoAvanto.jpgWalled VillageWalled Village.jpg $5 GovernorGovernor.jpgStashStash.jpg $6 CaptainCaptain.jpg $8 PrincePrince.jpg
Events: $5 SummonSummon.jpg
Base Cards $0 CopperCopper.jpgCurseCurse.jpg $2 EstateEstate.jpg $3 SilverSilver.jpg $4 PotionPotion.jpg $5 DuchyDuchy.jpg $6 GoldGold.jpg $8 ProvinceProvince.jpg $9 PlatinumPlatinum.jpg $11 ColonyColony.jpg
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