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Here is a summarized list of all errata, rules tweaks, and changes. Note that individual card rephrasings that didn't affect their functionality are omitted.


[edit] 2016 Errata

For more details, see 2016 Errata.

  • MineMine.jpg, MoneylenderMoneylender.jpg, and Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg added "you may".
  • OutpostOutpostOld2.jpg was changed to function in a similar way to MissionMissionOld2.jpg.
  • PossessionPossessionOld2.jpg now gives all gained D to the Possessing player.
  • StashStash.jpg now lets you look through your remaining deck when shuffling.
  • Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg trashes before gaining $.
  • MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg skips players with no cards in hand.
  • OracleOracleOld2.jpg was rephrased to "draw 2 cards" instead of "+2 Cards". (This was later reverted by the 2020 Errata.)
  • Shuffling the discard is done when needing to draw more cards than available in the deck instead of when the deck is empty.
  • Coin tokens from GuildsGuilds.jpg are henceforth referred to as Coffers.
  • Increased the font size on cards where possible.
  • Replaced usage of "he" on cards and in the rules with the gender neutral "they".

The Second Edition of the Dominion base setDominion.jpg and IntrigueIntrigue.jpg were also released 2016 which removed 6 cards and added 7 new cards in each set.

[edit] 2019 Errata

For more details, see 2019 Errata.

  • Revised the Lose Track rule into the Stop-Moving rule.
  • Introduced the Command type and added it to Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg, CaptainCaptain.jpg, and OverlordOverlord.jpg.
  • Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg and OverlordOverlord.jpg plays a card from the Supply instead of becoming it and can't play Command cards.
  • CaptainCaptain.jpg can't play Command cards.
  • InheritanceInheritance.jpg only sets aside non-Command Action cards. EstateEstate.jpgs play the set aside card, leaving it there.
  • Prince200px gained the Duration type, no longer allows Duration cards to be set aside, and leaves the card set aside.
  • Death CartDeath Cart.jpg only gets the +$5 bonus if it trashed a card and trashing is optional.
  • EmbargoEmbargo.jpg only places an Embargo token if trashed.
  • PillagePillage.jpg does nothing if not trashed.
  • ProcessionProcession.jpg can no longer play Durations.
  • Card costs never going below $0 became a general rule instead of being written on each card.
  • Non-supply cards can always be gained when specifically referred to without additional permission given on the referring card.

[edit] 2020 Errata

For more details, see 2020 Errata.

  • TraderTrader.jpg was changed to trigger when-gain instead of when a card would be gained.
  • OracleOracle.jpg was restored to saying "+2 Cards" intstead of "draw 2 cards".

[edit] 2022 Errata

For more details, see 2022 Errata.

The Second Edition of SeasideSeaside.jpg, ProsperityProsperity.jpg, and HinterlandsHinterlands.jpg were also released 2022 which removed 8 or 9 cards and added 9 new cards in each set.

[edit] 2023 Errata

For more details, see 2023 Errata.

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