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A diagram from the official rulebook, highlighting the Base cards in the Supply.
For the main game see Dominion (Base Set) and for the product containing only basic cards see Base Cards.

Basic cards (or Base cards) are those cards in the Supply (or players' starting decks) that are not Kingdom cards. DominionDominion.jpg (published in 2008) introduced CopperCopperOld.jpg, SilverSilverOld.jpg, GoldGoldOld.jpg, EstateEstateOld.jpg, DuchyDuchyOld.jpg, ProvinceProvinceOld.jpg, and CurseCurseOld.jpg as basic cards, and other expansions have added to their ranks.

Since the publication of the Base CardsBase Cards.jpg pack in 2012, basic Treasure, Victory and Curse cards have had new, individual illustrations.


[edit] Cards

Name Type(s) Text Cost Publication(s)
CopperCopper.jpg Treasure $1 $0 Dominion (First Edition)Dominion.jpg
Intrigue (First Edition)Intrigue.jpg
Big Box IBig Box.jpg
Base CardsBase Cards.jpg
Dominion (Second Edition)Dominion2.jpg
Big Box IIBig Box II.jpg
SilverSilver.jpg Treasure $2 $3
GoldGold.jpg Treasure $3 $6
EstateEstate.jpg Victory 1VP $2
DuchyDuchy.jpg Victory 3VP $5
ProvinceProvince.jpg Victory 6VP $8
CurseCurse.jpg Curse -1VP $0
PotionPotion.jpg Treasure P $4 AlchemyAlchemy.jpg
Base CardsBase Cards.jpg
Big Box IBig Box.jpg
PlatinumPlatinum.jpg Treasure $5 $9 Prosperity (First Edition)Prosperity.jpg
Big Box IBig Box.jpg
Base CardsBase Cards.jpg
Prosperity (Second Edition)Prosperity2.jpg
ColonyColony.jpg Victory 10VP $11
Ruins Action-Ruins various texts $0 Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg
Shelters Action-Shelter
various texts $1
Heirlooms Treasure-Heirloom
various texts various costs NocturneNocturne.jpg

[edit] Base Cards (product)

Base Cards
Base Cards.jpg
Type Base Cards
Icon Base Cards icon.png
Cards 250
Other Card(s)
Release June 2012
Cover artist Matthias Catrein

The Base Cards were released as their own set in June 2012, including enough cards for up to four players. The set includes all of the base cards released before Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg, with new art for every card in the set. These cards can be added to the base setDominion.jpg or Intrigue (First Edition)Intrigue.jpg to play with five or six players, or used to play Dominion with an expansion that does not include base cards.

While the set includes PotionPotion.jpg, AlchemyAlchemy.jpg is required for Potion to have a use; and it is recommended to only use PlatinumPlatinum.jpg/ColonyColony.jpg when playing with ProsperityProsperity.jpg.

In 2018, the Base Cards were reprinted with the updated formatting used in the Second Edition Base set. This reprint also gave the standalone Base Cards their own unique icon.

[edit] Contents

[edit] Base Cards

  • $0: Copper, Curse
  • $2: Estate
  • $3: Silver
  • $4: Potion
  • $5: Duchy
  • $6: Gold
  • $8: Province
  • $9: Platinum
  • $11: Colony

[edit] Additional materials

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Original basic cards


[edit] Other basic supply piles


[edit] Ruins

Ruined Village.jpgRuined Library.jpgAbandoned Mine.jpgSurvivors.jpgRuined Market.jpg

[edit] Shelters

Necropolis.jpgOvergrown Estate.jpgHovel.jpg

[edit] Heirlooms

Haunted Mirror.jpgMagic Lamp.jpgPouch.jpgGoat.jpgPasture.jpgLucky Coin.jpgCursed Gold.jpg

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