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Vault, a discard for benefit card.

Discard for benefit cards are those that, usually optionally, let you discard cards in order to get some other effect. If that effect is drawing, the card is considered a sifter. Some cards like ScholarScholar.jpg make you discard your entire hand before drawing cards up to a set handsize; these cards fall under the category of draw-to-X.


[edit] List of cards

Cards in italics have been removed.

QuestQuest.jpg can discard different numbers of different types of cards, but all cases result in the same benefit.

[edit] Cards that benefit from being discarded

Some cards give an extra benefit if they themselves are discarded by some effect.

[edit] Strategy

Discard for benefit effects can be used to reduce your handsize before using a draw-to-X effect or other effect that benefits from a small handsize (like DiplomatDiplomat.jpg). They can also be used to remove duplicate cards from your hand before using MenagerieMenagerie.jpg, or to activate on-discard effects like that of TunnelTunnel.jpg.

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Scaling Benefit

Artificer.jpgHostelry.jpgOpulent Castle.jpgShepherd.jpgStoreroom.jpgVault.jpg

[edit] Fixed Benefit

Anvil.jpgBaron.jpgCapital City.jpgCount.jpgHamlet.jpgMill.jpgPlaza.jpgSecret Cave.jpgStables.jpgSycophant.jpgTactician.jpgTournament.jpgWheelwright.jpgWitch's Hut.jpgQuest.jpgThe Earth's Gift.jpgThe Sky's Gift.jpg

[edit] Cards that benefit from being discarded

Faithful Hound.jpgTrail.jpgTunnel.jpgWeaver.jpgVillage Green.jpg

[edit] Removed

Secret Chamber.jpg

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