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Black Market, a virtual +Buy card.

"Virtual +Buy" is an informal term for cards that do not provide +Buy per se, but can serve a similar function to those that do in that they allow you to gain multiple cards per turn.

Cards that provide virtual +Buy include:

  • Black MarketBlack Market.jpg lets you buy a card during your Action phase which is completely independent from the normal process of buying cards.
  • Extra turn effects (for example OutpostOutpost.jpg, PossessionPossession.jpg, and VoyageVoyage.jpg) give you an extra turn which comes with a Buy like a normal turn.

Gainers are distinct from sources of +Buy, but some card-gaining effects generate multiple gains from a single Buy. While many of these effects are very restricted, often gaining a specific card only, some a rather flexible:

[edit] Gallery

For a gallery of extra turn effects, see here.

[edit] Other virtual +buy effects

Black Market.jpgBorder Village.jpgHaggler.jpgMessenger.jpgStonemason.jpgArchitects' Guild.jpgBall.jpg

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