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Swindler, a trashing attack card.

A Trashing attack is an attack card which trashes other players' cards, typically from the top of their deck. Most of these attack have certain constraints on what cards they are able to trash.


[edit] List of Cards

Hexes listed function as the relevant Attack when revealed by an Attack-Doom card.

Cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] Trash and replace with other cards

  • Intrigue: SaboteurSaboteur.jpg -- Find and trash a card costing $3 or more. Replacement at least $2 cheaper, victim's choice.
  • Intrigue: SwindlerSwindler.jpg -- Replacement of same cost, attacker's choice.
  • Nocturne: LocustsLocusts.jpg -- Replacement cheaper and of same type, victim's choice unless a CopperCopper.jpg or EstateEstate.jpg was trashed (in this case replaced with CurseCurse.jpg).
  • Allies: BarbarianBarbarian.jpg -- Replacement cheaper and of same type, victim's choice but only if trashed card cost $3 or more (otherwise replaced with CurseCurse.jpg).

[edit] Trash card in certain price range

[edit] Trash Treasures

[edit] Related

Exile attacks have some similarities to trashing attacks in that they remove cards from your opponent's deck, but unlike real trashing, the Exiled card can be gotten back, and still count for determining VP.

MaelstromMaelstrom.jpg, from PlunderPlunder (expansion).jpg, forces opponents to trash a card from their hand; this may be beneficial if they have junk in their hand, but may act as an attack if they have nothing in hand that they want to trash.

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[edit] Exile Attacks


[edit] Removed cards

Noble Brigand.jpgPirate Ship.jpgSaboteur.jpgThief.jpg

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[edit] Development comments

These cards have a complicated history due to major balance issues. The most obvious trashing attack, "Each other player trashes the top card of their deck." has major problems.

This is the hardest kind of attack to make. It has to be that there isn't too much variance in how it hits the other players - no making one player lose a ProvinceProvince.jpg while another loses a CopperCopper.jpg. It has to be good enough to play - trashing CopperCopper.jpgs and EstateEstate.jpgs is usually not what you're after. It can't generate a ridiculous game state too easily - some of the early cards in this category would by themselves lead to a game where everyone had just 5 cards and could not get ahead. And finally it has to be that the text actually fits on the card. With all of those other conditions to meet, it's tricky. Ultimately, there usually isn't much room to define these attacks by the extra stuff they do; they often end up defined by how they handle the problems above. And then some people don't like them. My stuff, my precious stuff! So I do these less often than the other attacks.

Prior to development of the main set, there were a bunch of cards in different expansions that were variations on "trash the top card of each other player's deck." Once it became apparent that that concept was flawed, all of those cards needed reworking, and some just died.

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