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Festival, a disappearing money card.

Disappearing money is an informal term for non-terminal Action cards that give +$ but are stop cards. They resemble most Treasure cards in that they give +$ and reduce handsize when played, and any number of them can be freely played on a turn; but unlike Treasure cards they can be played from your hand before other Action cards are played which makes them relevant as payload in certain kinds of engines that do not work well with Treasures.

With sufficient terminal space, terminal Actions that give +$ (like GuildmasterGuildmaster.jpg) can work the same way.


[edit] Engines which benefit from disappearing money

  • Draw-to-x cards like LibraryLibrary.jpg, Cursed VillageCursed Village.jpg, MinionMinion.jpg
  • TacticianTactician.jpg which typically prevents you from using Treasures on the turn it is played.
  • MenagerieMenagerie.jpg: unlike Treasure, you can have any number of copies of the same disappearing-money Action and play them all before Menagerie to create a hand with no duplicates.
  • Engines that draw Actions much more easily than Treasures: Scrying PoolScrying Pool.jpg and City QuarterCity Quarter.jpg
  • DiplomatDiplomat.jpg: reducing your handsize first before playing Diplomat allows you to use Diplomat as a village.

[edit] List of cards that can provide disappearing money

OasisOasis.jpg and Junk DealerJunk Dealer.jpg each draw a card but also remove a card from your hand, so they have the same effect on your hand size as if they were a stop card.

[edit] Conditional and related effects

[edit] Gallery

Bounty Hunter.jpgCandlestick Maker.jpgConclave.jpgCourtier.jpgCoven.jpgFestival.jpgFishing Village.jpgForager.jpgLighthouse.jpgMerchant Camp.jpgMinion.jpgMystic.jpgPaddock.jpgPatron.jpgPawn.jpgSquire.jpgSycophant.jpgTreasure Hunter.jpgVilla.jpgWay of the Mule.jpg

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