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Moat, the attack immunity card in the Base set.

A number of cards have effects that make you immune to your opponent's Attacks. While there exist other ways of mitigating the impacts of certain attacks, such as trashing incoming junk using WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg, cards providing attack immunity completely nullify all types of attack. Such cards are often just called "Moats", in reference to MoatMoat.jpg from the base setDominion.jpg.

Attack immunity only works against Attack cards if it is in force as the attack is played. In the case of Duration attacks such as Swamp HagSwamp Hag.jpg, if attack immunity goes into effect any later than when the Attack is played, you will still suffer the effects of the attack.

Attack immunity only prevents effects of played cards with the Attack type, so it doesn't work on similar effects that are on-gain effects or effects from cards without the Attack type (for example Haunted CastleHaunted Castle.jpg).

On the other hand, some Attack cards have beneficial effects in addition to their harmful ones, such as SoothsayerSoothsayer.jpg, or effects that are usually harmful that might be beneficial in a specific case (e.g., a discard allowing you to discard a TunnelTunnel.jpg). Attack immunity blocks all effects of an opponent's Attack card, even if you want to be affected by them. MoatMoat.jpg and ShieldShield.jpg allow you to choose whether or not to activate them against any given Attack; but the others must ordinarily be put into effect before you know which if any Attacks are coming, and they protect you from all Attacks while they are in effect whether you want them to or not.

Attack immunity does not prevent you from using Reaction cards that trigger when an opponent plays an Attack card, such as DiplomatDiplomat.jpg or Guard DogGuard Dog.jpg. That is because these cards are not conditional on you being affected by the attack, merely that an Attack card was played.

[edit] List of cards

[edit] Effects that are unaffected by attack immunity

The following cards and card-shaped things resemble attacks or have effects that are usually associated with attacks but do not count as attacks for attack immunity and hence cannot be prevented with attack immunity. This is usually the case because the effects do not have the Attack type, and/or the relevant effect does not occur upon the card being played (rather on the card being gained for example).

Cards in italics have been removed.

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Attacks Attack immunityCurserDeck inspection attackDeck order attackHandsize attackJunking attackTrashing attackTurn-worsening attack
Buy/Money +BuyCost-reducerDisappearing moneyOverpayPeddler variantTerminal silverVirtual coinVirtual +Buy
Cycling Deck discarderDeck inspectorDiggingDiscard for benefitSifter
Terminality CantripNon-terminalNon-terminal drawSoft terminalTerminalTerminal drawThrone Room variantVillageConditional non-terminal
Other Alt-VPBasic cardsDuration drawCommand variantGainerLuck-basedNon-Attack interactionOne-shotRemodelerSplit pileTop deckerTrasherVanillaExtra turn
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