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Council Room, a non-attack interaction card.

Interaction between players in Dominion comes about through different mechanics. The primary ones are Attack cards and the Supply -- the cards there are accessible to all players enabling players to deny others access to cards by emptying a pile, and to exert influence over the end of the game which affects both players. The effect of denial can be more pronounced if fewer copies of certain cards are available - especially for split piles like KnightsKnights.jpg and EncampmentEncampment.jpg - and also extends to non-supply cards like Travellers and Prizes. Finally, this effect also appears with respect to the Black MarketBlack Market.jpg deck as well as Boons and Hexes.

Other than these core mechanics, there are other effects that cause interaction between players, including some that affect all players equally (like Family of InventorsFamily of Inventors.jpg), some that give minor benefits to other players (like Council RoomCouncil Room.jpg), some that concern resources that can be fought over (like Artifacts and many Landmarks), and Reactions which can often be used in reaction to another player's doings.

The distinction between Attack-based and non-Attack interaction is somewhat fluid: On the one hand, there are effects that closely resemble attacks but are not (like Haunted CastleHaunted Castle.jpg), on the other hand, some Attack cards also have interactive effects beside their primary Attack effect, for example SoothsayerSoothsayer.jpg (giving a minor bonus to another player), RogueRogue.jpg (interacting with the trash that is accessible to both players), and Black CatBlack Cat.jpg which reacts to another player gaining a card to attack them.


[edit] Non-Attack interactive cards

Cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] Cards that give a small benefit to other players

[edit] Cards that allow another player to make a decision

[edit] Effects that apply to all players

Some cards have extra effects depending on the state of the supply which are sometimes highly important (such as with CityCity.jpg). Emptying supply piles thereby affects all players when they have access to these effects.

Similarly, the effects of ForagerForager.jpg and NecromancerNecromancer.jpg depend on cards in the trash, so trashing cards affects all players, if those effects are available.

  • TaxTax.jpg puts Debt tokens on a supply pile that affect whichever player is next to buy from that pile.
  • Family of InventorsFamily of Inventors.jpg makes a non-Victory Supply pile cheaper for all players
  • MessengerMessenger.jpg can give out a useful or harmful card but all players gain a copy of the card.

[edit] Resources that can be fought over or taken away

Some effects can gain cards from the trash which is accessible to all players, so you can take cards from there for yourself and deny them to your opponent.

Gathering cards can collect VP tokens over time which every player has the opportunity to take away:

While not a Gathering effect, Defiled ShrineDefiled Shrine.jpg works similarly.

Some Landmarks come with a limited amount of VP tokens that can be fought over:

Some cards offer access to a unique instance of an effect - mostly Artifacts - which can be passed back and forth between players:

[edit] Cards whose effects depend on another player's deck, hand, or play area

[edit] Interactions with other players gaining cards

[edit] Reactions

Most Reactions can trigger on the doings of another player.

[edit] Attack-like effects

These are not attacks but have interactive effects that are typically associated with attacks:

PossessionPossession.jpg is also often considered to be similar to an Attack.

[edit] Removed

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Cards that give a small benefit to other players

Bishop.jpgCouncil Room.jpgGovernor.jpgLost City.jpgSacred Grove.jpgVault.jpgBargain.jpg

[edit] Cards that allow another player to make a decision

Advisor.jpgEnvoy.jpgWar Chest.jpg

[edit] Effects that apply to all players

Animal Fair.jpgCarpenter.jpgCity.jpgForager.jpgMessenger.jpgNecromancer.jpgPaddock.jpgPoacher.jpgTerritory.jpgFamily of Inventors.jpgSalt the Earth.jpgTax.jpgTower.jpg

[edit] Resources that can be fought over or taken away

Border Guard.jpgFarmers' Market.jpgFlag Bearer.jpgFool.jpgGraverobber.jpgLich.jpgLurker.jpgSwashbuckler.jpgTemple.jpgTreasurer.jpgWild Hunt.jpgAqueduct.jpgArena.jpgBasilica.jpgBaths.jpgBattlefield.jpgColonnade.jpgLabyrinth.jpgMountain Pass.jpg

[edit] Cards whose effects depend on another player's deck or hand

Chariot Race.jpgGladiator.jpgGoatherd.jpgPossession.jpgTournament.jpgKeep.jpg

[edit] Interactions with other players gaining cards

Falconer.jpgFool's Gold.jpgMonkey.jpgPirate.jpgSmugglers.jpgTreasure Hunter.jpgInvest.jpg

[edit] Attack-like effects

Haunted Castle.jpgMasquerade.jpgCircle of Witches.jpgRaid.jpg

[edit] Removed

Contraband.jpgDuchess.jpgEmbargo.jpgEmbassy.jpgIll-Gotten Gains.jpgSecret Chamber.jpgTrade Route.jpgTribute.jpg

[edit] Trivia

Dominion is occasionally caricatured as "multi-player solitaire", in that in some circumstances it is possible for each player to independently build their own deck, with no direct interaction between different players' strategies and deck compositions. This tendency is mitigated, however, by the presence of cards that affect players other than their owners; this arguably makes the game more fun and strategic by keeping each player involved even during other players' turns. Attack cards are interactive in this way, but also tend to delay the game and are unpopular with some players; for this reason Donald X. Vaccarino thought it important to include non-Attack cards that cause interaction between players as well. At an early stage of development non-Attack interaction was the theme of the "War" expansion that eventually was revised into Dark Ages; it ended up being a subtheme of Prosperity, an expansion with relatively few Attack cards. But some such cards are present in each expansion.

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