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To set aside a card is to place it on the table apart from your play area; such cards are not discarded during Clean-up, and are not considered to be "in play" for any purpose. This can be temporary, or permanent; in either case, if the game ends while you have cards set aside, they are returned to your deck before scores are calculated. Often, cards that set aside themselves and/or other cards come with mats to help mark the set aside area as special. Setting aside can be used as a way to mark cards as not required for the effect of an Action or Treasure being resolved, as a way to save cards for later use, or as a way to permanently remove a card from your deck without trashing it. Duration cards that are not discarded during Clean-up are not considered set aside; they are still in play.

[edit] Official rules

"Set aside a card" - Put the card on the table, outside of the play area.
  • Set aside cards are not "in play."
  • Set aside cards are face up unless otherwise specified.
  • A card that sets a card aside will say when to move it somewhere else.

[edit] Timing

List of abilities that set cards aside, sorted by how long the set-aside cards remain set aside.

Dominion Game Mechanics
Turn Phases ActionBuyNightClean-up
Vanilla Bonuses +Card • +Action+Buy • +Coin
Tokens AdventuresCoin (Coffers, Villager, Favors) • DebtVictory
Other mechanics CallCost reductionDiscardExchangeExileGainOverpayPassPayRevealRotateSet asideTrash
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