Combo: Counting House and Travelling Fair

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Counting House / Travelling Fair
Counting House.jpg Travelling Fair.jpg
Set(s) Prosperity / Adventures
Type Rush

Counting HouseCounting House.jpg and Travelling FairTravelling Fair.jpg is a combo that uses Travelling Fair's +Buy and top-decking to fuel Counting House to quickly buy out the Provinces.


[edit] Article

Counting House is usually regarded as one of the weakest cards for its cost; while it can provide a substantial amount of $, it's reliant on how close to a reshuffle it's drawn, and its buying power can be undercut if there's no +Buy to use it. Travelling Fair addresses both of these problems: once you're fielding enough $, it can top-deck a newly bought Counting House, as well as 4 CoppersCopper.jpg, preventing a reshuffle.

[edit] Step 1: Buy Coppers

Ignore all other Treasures. Buy Travelling Fair at every chance, and as many as you can, and just flood your deck with as many Coppers as you can buy.

[edit] Step 2: First Counting House

After a few turns, you're pretty much guaranteed a hand of 5 Coppers. Buy a Counting House.

[edit] Step 3: Start the cycle

Once you draw the Counting House, you're more than likely to get at least 7 Coppers in hand. Buy as many Travelling Fairs as you can (up to 4) until you have $5 remaining, then top-deck Counting House and 4 Coppers. Since all the Coppers you used that turn will be discarded, your new Counting House will just draw them, since dropping 5 cards on top of your deck guarantees you won't shuffle. If you can't afford all 4 TF's, just drop as many Coppers as you can on top of your deck, and hope it's enough to stop a reshuffle.

[edit] Step 4: Rinse and repeat

Since every turn you're just increasing your purchasing power by $4, you can keep making that same buy (4 Travelling Fairs, 4 Coppers, 1 Counting House) over and over again.

[edit] Step 5: Buy ProvincesProvince.jpg

After a couple turns, once you make your obligatory 4-TF/1-CH buys, you'll have $8 or more left over. Start using a Buy on a Province instead of a 4th Copper. After a couple more turns, you should be buying multiple Provinces every turn. In a solitaire game, you should be able to clean out the Provinces in around 12 turns.

[edit] Weaknesses

This is highly vulnerable to Attacks, particularly PillagePillage.jpg, which can discard your Counting House, CutpurseCutpurse.jpg, which can stymie your first Counting House Buy, and MinionMinion.jpg and any deck inspection attack or deck order attack, which can force a reshuffle. PossessionPossession.jpg can also mess with this combo, but getting a Possession quickly enough will be rather difficult. However, this strategy is a bit more resistant to junkers, especially after you have your first Counting House, since you won't be shuffling anyway, as well as most handsize attacks, since you can just discard Coppers. This combo is also slightly dependent on shuffle luck: if you can't manage to produce $7 by your third reshuffle, it will take about 4 extra turns to empty out the Provinces.

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