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Procession / Fortress
Procession.jpg Fortress.jpg
Set(s) Dark Ages
Type Synergy

ProcessionProcession.jpg and FortressFortress.jpg is a combo that uses Fortress' inability to be permanently trashed to gain lots of $5 Actions without needing to build up an economy. The combo has roughly the same effect as playing two LaboratoriesLaboratory.jpg, three VillagesVillage.jpg, and a UniversityUniversity.jpg. ArmoryArmory.jpg can help get a head-start on using the combo.


[edit] Article

Procession is a fairly mediocre card, and Fortress requires a good trasher to be anything other than an expensive VillageVillage.jpg. Together, they act like a more powerful UniversityUniversity.jpg. Naturally, this combo will also require at least one $5 Action that you'll want multiple copies of (good fits include WharfWharf.jpg, Hunting PartyHunting Party.jpg and CultistCultist.jpg, the last of which is itself a great target for Procession).

[edit] Step 1 - Buy Fortresses

First, buy/gain some Fortresses. 4 or 5 Fortresses should be enough.

[edit] Step 2 - Buy Processions

Next, buy/gain some Processions. Try to make the amount of Processions you have equal the amount of Fortresses you have.

[edit] Step 2.5 - Armory + Procession/Throne Room/King's Court

If you happen to get an ArmoryArmory.jpg in your hand at the same time as a Procession or a Throne RoomThrone Room.jpg, use the Throne Room/Procession on the Armory to gain a Procession and an Fortress, which ensures that you'll have a Fortress and a Procession in your hand next turn. Even better, if you get a King's CourtKing's Court.jpg, use it on the Armory to gain a Fortress and two Processions. The more Processions you have in your hand at the same time as at least one Fortress, the better.

[edit] Step 3 - Procession + Fortress to Start the Chain Reaction

Now, whenever possible, use a Procession on a Fortress. This will let you play the Fortress twice, and then trash it. However, when you trash a Fortress, you put it into your hand. So you get to play the Fortress twice, and then put it back into your hand. But that's not all. When you trash a card with a Procession, you gain a card costing exactly $1 more, so you ALSO gain a card costing $1 more than a Fortress! Since Fortresses give you extra actions as well as cards, you can very easily play your entire deck every turn.

[edit] Strengths

  • Essentially lets you use a King's CourtKing's Court.jpg on a Fortress (or even better, depending on how many Processions are in your hand) while gaining a card costing more than the Fortress did.
  • Gives you far more Actions than it takes to pull it off.
  • One of the easiest combos to pull off. Even a newbie player could pull it off fairly easily.
  • Very difficult to prevent; Unlike most combos, where you simply have to trash either one of the cards that are in the combo to stop it, if you trash the wrong one of the two cards in this combo, it helps the combo far more than it hinders it.

[edit] Weaknesses

  • PossessionPossession.jpg can easily take control of this combo and use it to their advantage. Of course, most players usually won't have very many Possessions, but Possession can still easily make you bite yourself in the back.
  • Cards that make you discard cards, like TorturerTorturer.jpg or MilitiaMilitia.jpg, can easily destroy this combo, although cards like those can break apart most combos.

[edit] Works well with:

  • SchemeScheme.jpg. This can put Processions or Fortresses back on top of your deck, increasing your chances of having a Procession and a Fortress in your hand at the same time, or increasing the amount of Fortresses or Processions you have.
  • ArmoryArmory.jpg. When Processioned, Armories can instantly get the combo started.
  • Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg. If you're missing one of the needed cards, you can play your Band of Misfits to keep the combo going. Band of Misfits is especially powerful if used as the Fortress, because then you gain a card costing exactly $1 more than the BoM instead of $1 more than the Fortress (this requires a good $6 Action in the kingdom). You also put the BoM back in your hand, so you could use it as something different the second time you play it!
  • CultistCultist.jpg. It's a $5 you can pick up in the combo. Procession + Fortress will get you actions, then Procession + Cultist will in one action pick up 7 cards (with the Cultist on-Trash ability), while gaining a $6 action too, if there is one.
  • ButcherButcher.jpg. It's excellent payload for this combo, as you'll be swimming in Actions and will easily have a Fortress in hand. Acquire Butchers from Procession, save up Coin tokens, and use them to (not) trash Fortresses into Provinces. This way you avoid needing +Buys by using your Actions instead, while getting Provinces for $4 instead of $8. You can also speed up your gain of Butchers by self-generating them from your Fortresses.

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