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There are many facets to Dominion strategy. This page contains discussion about many of the key elements of Dominion strategy. If you are new to the game, you might want to brush up on some Dominion Lingo before you read too much further.

As of right now, most of these links take you to the blog or forum discussion. As the wiki expands, most of this content will migrate to the wiki.

[edit] Basic Strategy

[edit] Intermediate Strategy

  • Single Cards, Combos/Counters - A comprehensive listing of articles written about single cards as well as combos and counters. Most of these articles will now be present on the card's respective wiki page.
  • Building The 'First Game' Engine - A blog article discussing how to build an engine from the 'first game' kingdom presented in Base Dominion. Though tailored to this kingdom, the concepts listed in the article can be applied to any engine.
  • Deck Control - A guest article about managing and maintaining control over your deck throughout the game.
  • The Keys To Big Money - Blog post on the finer points of money based strategies, with links to discussion on the component articles.
  • Basic Opening Probabilities - A discussion on opening turn probabilities and how they affect your gameplay.
  • Reasons For First Player Advantage - Attempts to explain the reasons why turn order matters so much in Dominion.

[edit] Advanced Strategy

Deck archetypes Big MoneyComboEngineRushSlog
Strategic concepts CollisionCounterCyclingDeadDuchy dancingEndgameGreeningMegaturnMirrorOpeningOpportunity costPenultimate Province RulePayloadPinPiledrivingReshuffleSilver testStop cardSplit advantageStrictly betterSynergyTerminalityTerminal spaceThree-pile endingTurn advantageVictory pointVillage idiot
Rules Blue dog ruleCostDeckGameplayMaterialsNo Visiting ruleStop-Moving rule (previously Lose Track rule) • Supply (Kingdom) • Triggered effectsTurn
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