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"Village idiot" is a derogatory term for an inexperienced Dominion player who buys too many VillagesVillage.jpg. Although Village is almost never a harmful card to have in one's deck, and its +2 Actions bonus looks appealing, it carries a potentially heavy opportunity cost: every turn you buy a Village is a turn you could have bought a SilverSilver.jpg and didn't. Since Village produces no +$, buying Villages doesn't improve your ability to buy cards in any way. Its only value is in increasing the number of terminal Actions you can play each turn; but over-investing in Villages leaves the Village Idiot player without enough money to regularly buy the powerful terminal Actions that the Villages are useful to support.

"Village Idiot" was also the name of an outtake from Alchemy; it was a discard attack that gave +2 Actions.

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