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Draw-to-x abilities are those that allow you to draw cards until you have a specified number of cards in your hand, regardless of how many cards you have to start with. In decks that rely on draw-to-x cards for draw, it is typically difficult or impossible to increase your handsize beyond a set limit, unlike in decks that rely on traditional draw. Draw-to-x effects come in two types: Those like LibraryLibrary.jpg, which draw cards until a set card limit is reached, and those like MinionMinion.jpg, which require the player to discard their hand before drawing a set number of new cards. There are also some other draw cards that limit hand size in other ways than drawing to a set number (like MarquisMarquis.jpg and some cards that give other benefits than draw limited by hand size (for example a village effect in the case of DiplomatDiplomat.jpg.


List of Draw-to-X cards

Cards that draw to a set number

SirenSiren.jpg draws to eight cards, but only as a duration draw effect at the beginning of your turn; this means that many of the common synergies that depend on playing other cards before your draw-to-X don't apply to it.

Cards that discard your hand then draw to X

Draw that is otherwise limited by handsize

  • MarquisMarquis.jpg (You have to discard down to 10 after drawing)
  • Guard DogGuard Dog.jpg (Draws two extra cards if your starting hand size is sufficiently small)
  • Tragic HeroTragic Hero.jpg (Is trashed if it draws past 7 cards)
  • Fellowship of ScribesFellowship of Scribes.jpg (Can draw a single card in a sufficiently small handsize)

Effects other than draw limited by handsize

  • DiplomatDiplomat.jpg (Can act as village in a sufficiently small handsize)
  • SoukSouk.jpg ($ generation limited by handsize)


Draw-to-x cards are useful counters against handsize attacks, since each card you discard when attacked just means one more card you'll draw when you play your draw-to-x card.

The draw-to-x engine is a deck archetype that relies on reducing handsize and producing $ in your Action phase, and then playing a draw-to-x card to recover the handsize. Draw-to-x decks require non-drawing Action cards as payload (e.g, BridgeBridge.jpg, CovenCoven.jpg, Nomad CampNomad Camp.jpg), along with draw-to-x cards, and probably villages to grant you enough terminal space to play all your payload and draw cards. Disappearing money cards—non-terminal payload Actions that don't draw—are especially useful in a draw-to-x deck, since they reduce the amount of terminal space you need to activate your engine. Draw-to-x also pairs well with cards that allow you to discard for a benefit, such as HamletHamlet.jpg, OasisOasis.jpg, and ArtificerArtificer.jpg: discard to get the full benefit, and then redraw to a full hand.

Draw-to-x engines are typically less reliable than ordinary draw engines, as they require both the payload and the draw-to-x card (and sometimes a village) to be in the starting hand. Moreover they do not cope well with non-Action stop cards, even strong Treasures and Night cards, since they can't be played before your draw-to-x card and will remain in your hand reducing the number of cards you can draw.

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