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To pass a card is to give it to another player. The passing player is not trashing the card, and the receiving player is not gaining the card; it is simply changing which player it belongs to. This mechanic is only used by one card: MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg.

Official rules

  • When a player passes a card to another player, he places that card face down on the table between himself and the other player. The receiving player then takes the card from the table and puts it in his hand.
  • A passed card is not revealed to the other players.
  • A passed card is not considered to be trashed or discarded by the player passing it and it is not considered to be gained by the player receiving it.

Other rules clarifications

  • When you pass a card to another player, that card stops being yours. When another player passes a card to you, that card becomes yours. (This matters for scoring, and formerly mattered for InheritanceInheritance.jpg.)

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