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Dominion Adventures: Dark Ages Finale, subtitled Fires and Foes, is the final section of the Dark Ages Adventures on Goko. It's available for a purchase of Coins. Unlike the other finales, it can be played even if Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3 have not been completed, but the player must have purchased all Dark Ages cards. The cards available include the entire Dark Ages expansion, as well as the Base set.


[edit] Adventure Overview

You face problem after problem as all your past enemies from the Dark Ages return for a second chance.

[edit] List of Scenes

[edit] Game 1 vs. Serf Celestria

Dark days are definitely upon Vaccara, and your subjects want hope. Unfortunately, they've begun looking to some old "friends" of yours for relief from their despair. You're wary of these former nemeses' growing influence--they've proven to be threats to your kingdom before. Are battles on the horizon?

Kingdom cards: Junk Dealer, Marauder, Poor House, Hunting Grounds, Armory, Sage, Wandering Minstrel, Bandit Camp, Mystic, Beggar

[edit] Game 2 vs. Serf Valenia

A giant thunderstorm has settled over your kingdom. Fires from lightning strikes have popped up all over, in spite of the driving rain and hail. You direct your knights to assist in the firefighting efforts. If the fires aren't contained, many of your subjects could lose their homes--or worse.

Kingdom cards: Squire, Hermit, Urchin, Catacombs, Hunting Grounds, Pillage, Knights, Band Of Misfits, Ironmonger, Scavenger

[edit] Game 3 vs. Maiden Joya

Most of the fires have been put out. Strangely, one group has been worshipping the fires and has been trying to stop your knights from putting them out. Count Teubert helped you fight fire zealots before; could these people be members of the Cult of the Holy Flame?

Kingdom cards: Poor House, Squire, Catacombs, Counterfeit, Junk Dealer, Storeroom, Forager, Mystic, Ironmonger, Vagrant

[edit] Boss Game 4 vs. Simon

While you ponder the resurgence of the cultists, you pace along the city's ramparts. Just beyond the city's walls, you hear a familiar's Simon, the "mystic." Evidently he doesn't understand that "exile" means STAY AWAY.

Kingdom cards: Rogue, Marauder, Junk Dealer, Feodum, Rats, Count, Counterfeit, Squire, Market Square, Death Cart

[edit] Game 5 vs. Serf Mary

Once again, Simon, the "mystic," has attracted a crowd. The people really want to believe that he has special powers, and that he has some magic way of making their dreary lives better. And once again, your knights expose his fakery and prove that he has no special juju--he just has clever tricks.

Kingdom cards: Urchin, Vagrant, Sage, Ironmonger, Market Square, Junk Dealer, Mystic, Rebuild, Forager, Procession

[edit] Game 6 vs. Maiden Ewe

A knight brings news: Drusilla, a sect leader of the Cult of the Holy Flame, has arrived to direct her followers. Count Teubert won't be pleased--Drusilla nearly sacrificed his sister to the flames! At least Bonifacius, the cult's supreme leader, hasn't made an appearance...yet...

Kingdom cards: Procession, Graverobber, Rebuild, Fortress, Feodum, Cultist, Hunting Grounds, Rats, Vagrant, Sage

[edit] Game 7 vs. Squire Solomon

Your knights work valiantly, but the incessant lightning strikes, the ensuing fires, and the hail damage are really taxing your kingdom's resources. Fires...cultists...lunatics... If you don't get something under control soon, your kingdom will be bankrupt.

Kingdom cards: Band Of Misfits, Forager, Scavenger, Wandering Minstrel, Death Cart, Altar, Storeroom, Catacombs, Armory, Beggar

[edit] Boss Game 8 vs. Drusilla and Maiden Ewe

Drusilla and her Holy Flame cultists have decided to sacrifice some schoolchildren to the fires. The children have been bound and placed near some flames, on a pile of kindling. Thankfully, the rain is coming down harder, and maybe the cultists won't finish their incantations before the rains put out the fire. You cannot let them succeed.

Kingdom cards: Cultist, Marauder, Death Cart, Beggar, Procession, Storeroom, Hermit, Vagrant, Graverobber, Count

[edit] Game 9 vs. Maiden Agatha

Between your knights' efforts and the rains, the flames are extinguished and the cultists are taken into custody. The children's parents, in their gratitude, offer gifts to your knights. Maybe the people's loyalties are still with you and your troops? Time will tell.

Kingdom cards: Armory, Band Of Misfits, Catacombs, Cultist, Forager, Fortress, Knights, Market Square, Procession, Hunting Grounds

[edit] Game 10 vs. Squire Tarquin

Count Teubert has decided to pay you a visit--he has some unfinished business with Drusilla. His sister still has nightmares about her near-sacrifice; did Drusilla think he would forget? Bonifacius, the cultists' supreme leader, would be a fool to show his face in Vaccara...

Kingdom cards: Counterfeit, Death Cart, Altar, Hermit, Fortress, Market Square, Cultist, Count, Urchin, Squire

[edit] Game 11 vs. Lady Gloriana

Finally, the storm dissipates, and your subjects can get to work repairing the damage caused by the fires and hail. Count Teubert asks to interrogate Drusilla; you allow it, realizing that this could finally goad cult leader Bonifacius into making a public appearance.

Kingdom cards: Mystic, Ironmonger, Wandering Minstrel, Scavenger, Graverobber, Vagrant, Band Of Misfits, Hermit, Altar, Sage

[edit] Boss Game 12 vs. Bonifacius and Soldier

Bonifacius, supreme leader of the Cult of the Holy Flame, has been located in a poor house, trying to instigate some sort of rebellion in the underclass. Hungry people can become desperate, and you really don't have enough resources to put down a full-fledged coup attempt. You send every last knight and soldier to eliminate this threat.

Kingdom cards: Bandit Camp, Marauder, Pillage, Beggar, Counterfeit, Forager, Rebuild, Poor House, Rogue, Market Square

[edit] Game 13 vs. Squire Terrald

Now that Bonifacius and the last of his cultists have been jailed (Count Teubert sure is pleased), the latest thing is RATS. The fires drove the rodents towards the castle, and your quarters have become infested! No ruler should have to live with rats! Gross!

Kingdom cards: Bandit Camp, Graverobber, Junk Dealer, Mystic, Pillage, Rats, Sage, Scavenger, Storeroom, Vagrant

[edit] Game 14 vs. Lady Florence

A lanky piper with a green peaked hat wanders to your castle. He says he can remove your rodents--all of them--and you agree, even before naming a price. Just get rid of the rats! Amazingly, the rodents follow his piping out of town and into the hills. Now he tells you that his payment is YOUR CASTLE.

Kingdom cards: Graverobber, Rogue, Forager, Knights, Urchin, Hermit, Death Cart, Wandering Minstrel, Bandit Camp, Altar

[edit] Game 15 vs. Gentleman Althalos

Count Teubert comes to your aid: his several large bags of gold and a tour of your dungeon convince the piper to leave happily. It's been a long day, and you'd really like to get home, now that the rodents are gone. Just as you prepare to retire for the night, a scout reports that an army of peasants is approaching. They all have crown-shaped tattoos on their forearms.

Kingdom cards: Feodum, Armory, Squire, Hermit, Storeroom, Graverobber, Beggar, Marauder, Junk Dealer, Ironmonger

[edit] Boss Game 16 vs. Rayne, Vagrant, and Servant

The "army" is just peasants, so you continue to your bedchamber, confident that your knights can handle the matter. Just after you change into your flannel nightshirt, you see that waiting in your darkened room is Rayne, who tried to assassinate you during the games you hosted a few months back. Has she learned some new murder techniques?

Kingdom cards: Count, Band Of Misfits, Squire, Graverobber, Catacombs, Storeroom, Scavenger, Wandering Minstrel, Armory, Rogue

[edit] Game 17 vs. Lady Godelina

Rayne lunges with her dagger, but her blade merely rips your nightshirt. You make it out the door, with Rayne in pursuit, and you shout for your guards. Where are they? Out in the hall, you smell something good. It is dinnertime, after all...

Kingdom cards: Counterfeit, Feodum, Knights, Cultist, Ironmonger, Wandering Minstrel, Rats, Poor House, Altar, Market Square

[edit] Game 18 vs. Gentleman Faran

You see something glimmer in the evening darkness and realize that the Silver Knight has returned. You're sandwiched between the Knight and Rayne; it's a game of Monkey in the Middle, and you're the monkey.

Kingdom cards: Counterfeit, Procession, Altar, Hunting Grounds, Scavenger, Poor House, Marauder, Count, Mystic, Sage

[edit] Game 19 vs. Gentleman Egric

You find a burst of speed and manage to dash past the Silver Knight and head toward the dining hall--if your guards are anywhere, they'll be near food.

Kingdom cards: Rats, Fortress, Hermit, Rogue, Cultist, Forager, Poor House, Junk Dealer, Death Cart, Armory

[edit] Boss Game 20 vs. Silver Knight, Rayne, and Soldier

Your shouts bring out twenty guards with crumbs in their beards and ale splashed on their doublets. They grab their swords and barrel toward Rayne and the Silver Knight.

Kingdom cards: Beggar, Pillage, Cultist, Knights, Urchin, Squire, Fortress, Catacombs, Procession, Altar

[edit] Epilogue

Your guards capture Rayne and the Silver Knight. Silver armor is great on the jousting field, but it's no match for twenty burly guards who want to get back their dinners. Hopefully, this will be the last incident for a little while. [player name] has got a kingdom to repair and a populace to rejuvenate.

[edit] Trivia

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