Dominion Campaigns: Adventures Act 1

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Dominion Campaigns: Adventures Act 1 is the first Act of the Adventures Campaign on Dominion Online. It comes with the purchase of the Adventures.


[edit] Campaign Overview

[edit] List of Games

[edit] Game 1

An adventurer claims to have found an old treasure map in your library and is willing to guide you on an expedition to that place. You like the idea! A new adventure is just what you need. Married life with Master Devyn was not as wonderful as you thought it would be. She left you and took half of your savings with her; it is time to reload!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Serf Clayborne: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Serf Clayborne [images]
Remodel Library Mine Treasure Trove Adventurer
Remodel.jpg Library.jpg Mine.jpg Treasure Trove.jpg Adventurer.jpg
Cellar.jpg Guide.jpg Workshop.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Cellar Guide Workshop Militia Moneylender
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Trivia

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