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Rabble, a deck order attack card.

A deck order attack is an Attack card that somehow messes with the top of an opponent's deck, making it less likely that the next cards drawn will be useful to the player. Many involve revealing cards from an opponent's deck and doing something with them; others deposit bad cards directly onto the deck, slowing cycling as well as messing up draws.

[edit] List of deck order attacks

Cards in italics have been removed. Hexes listed function as the relevant Attack when revealed by an Attack-Doom card.

Although PossessionPossession.jpg and TributeTribute.jpg are not attacks, they influence the deck order, may cause reshuffles and can harm strategies which depend on the discard pile or the deck order, like Counting HouseCounting House.jpg or StashStash.jpg.

Attacks CurserDeck inspection attackDeck order attackHandsize attackJunking attackTrashing attackTurn-worsening attack
Buy/Money +BuyCost-reducerDisappearing moneyOverpayPeddler variantTerminal silverVirtual coinVirtual +Buy
Cycling Deck discarderDeck inspectorDiggingDiscard for benefitSifter
Terminality CantripNon-terminalNon-terminal drawSoft terminalTerminalTerminal drawThrone Room variantVillage
Other Alt-VPBasic cardsDuration drawEmulatorGainerLuck-basedNon-Attack interactionOne-shotSplit pileTop deckerTrasherVanilla
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