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Vault, a discard for benefit card.

Discard for benefit cards are those that, usually optionally, let you discard cards in order to get some other effect. If that effect is drawing, the card is considered a sifter.

[edit] List of cards

Cards in italics have been removed.

QuestQuest.jpg can discard different numbers of different types of cards, but all cases result in the same benefit. TunnelTunnel.jpg and Faithful HoundFaithful Hound.jpg can be discarded for a benefit.

[edit] Strategy

Since most terminal discard for benefit cards are, by their nature, soft terminals, it doesn't hurt your deck as much to overgain them. If you have the Actions to support them, discard for benefit cards also work nicely with draw-to-X cards like LibraryLibrary.jpg; in such cases, you can potentially draw and discard your deck several times, racking up a lot of benefit. If you're discarding CoppersCopper.jpg, Counting HouseCounting House.jpg works quite well in this role, as it doesn't have an upper limit in draw. MenagerieMenagerie.jpg also plays well with discard for benefit cards, as you can usually select specifically duplicate cards to discard.

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