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Chancellor / Stash
Chancellor.jpg Stash.jpg
Set(s) Base / Promo

ChancellorChancellor.jpg and StashStash.jpg make up a combo where the Chancellor's deck-into-discard ability combined with Stash's ability to be placed anywhere in the deck upon reshuffle allows the player, with 4 Stashes in the deck, to buy a ProvinceProvince.jpg every turn after playing a Chancellor (provided no detrimental Attacks are played against him).

Although Chancellor/Stash is the most famous instantiation of this combo, ScavengerScavenger.jpg/Stash is even more effective: with only two Scavengers and three Stashes, it's possible to ensure that every hand includes a Scavenger and all three Stashes. MessengerMessenger.jpg/Stash is also an improvement, as it comes with a +Buy.

[edit] Article

Original article by theory

This combo is a triumph of two otherwise mediocre cards. If you can collect four Stashes, then each time you play the Chancellor, trigger a reshuffle and place your Stashes on top of your deck for a guaranteed Province next turn. Repeat each time you draw your Chancellor.

One major advantage of this combo is that it doesn’t depend on trashing ability like most other combinations. True, it works better if you have no Estates and Coppers and can be assured of drawing your Chancellor quickly, but the Chancellor takes care of the usual issue of having to get through your deck. Similarly, it’s quite resistant to Curse-giving attacks, so long as you have enough Chancellors to draw one reasonably early in your deck.

However, the combo gets completely wrecked by handsize-reduction attacks (MilitiaMilitia.jpg, GoonsGoons.jpg, TorturerTorturer.jpg, Ghost ShipGhost Ship.jpg, MinionMinion.jpg), as well as MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg, if played on your 4x Stash turn. Likewise, PossessionPossession.jpg can destroy this deck: either by Possessing your 4x Stash turn (by playing Possession on the turn after you play Chancellor), or by Possessing your Chancellor turn (and then sending your Stashes to the bottom of your deck). Note that everyone else can tell when you have your Stashes in hand! (In real life, the Stash cards have a different back; on the isotropic server, the Stash cards are visible when you click Info.)

Moreover, the combo is incapable of buying ColoniesColony.jpg. And the fact that both Chancellor and Stash are pretty terrible cards means that your engine will be quite weak until the combo is completed. (Compare to an engine built on FestivalFestival.jpg/LibraryLibrary.jpg: trickier to set up, but still pays off handsomely even when incomplete.)

A GolemGolem.jpg can be substituted for the Chancellor, but it’s more difficult to purchase. In addition, it’s more inflexible, since it requires that you have no more than one other Action in your deck.

With the release of Dark Ages, ScavengerScavenger.jpg can substitute for Chancellor to superpower this combo. With two Scavengers, you do not need any shuffle luck to ensure that you draw what you need - you play one Scavenger, put your deck in the discard pile, put your second Scavenger on top of the deck. Your three Stashes will be next, guaranteeing you a hand of (Scavenger, Stash, Stash, Stash, unknown card) every turn once you have at least two Scavengers and three Stashes. (This can technically fail if you draw both Scavengers and three Stashes in one hand - but can be prevented by buying a third Scavenger).

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