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Silver, a Treasure card.

Treasure is a card type that may be played during a player's Buy phase. Most Treasures provide some +$ (Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg and DucatDucat.jpg being the chief exceptions), and some Treasures have other effects as well. Unlike Action cards, any number of Treasure cards may be played in any order. Action cards that give +$ are not considered Treasures (unless under the effect of the Project CapitalismCapitalism.jpg), and there were no Action–Treasure cards until CrownCrown.jpg from EmpiresEmpires.jpg.

Treasure cards have yellow frames. There are five basic Treasure cards: CopperCopper.jpg, SilverSilver.jpg, and GoldGold.jpg, which are in the supply in every Dominion game; PotionPotion.jpg, which is added when cards from AlchemyAlchemy.jpg with P in the cost are available; and PlatinumPlatinum.jpg, which may be added in games using ProsperityProsperity.jpg cards. There are 21 Kingdom Treasure cards, the greatest number of which are from Prosperity, which has Treasure as a sub-theme. DiademDiadem.jpg and SpoilsSpoils.jpg are special Treasures that may be gained from outside the Supply by particular Action cards; Heirlooms are special Treasures that each replace a player's starting Copper when a particular Action cards is in the kingdom.

The strategy of buying only Treasure cards and, in the endgame, Victory cards, is called Big Money. This may be the best strategy in some "weak" kingdoms, but is usually outclassed by adding a few Action cards to the Big Money deck, or by Action-heavy engine strategies.


List of Treasure Cards





Cards that interact with Treasure cards

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In other languages

  • Czech: Peníze
  • Dutch: Geld
  • Finnish: Raha (lit. money)
  • French: Trésor
  • German: Geld (lit. money)
  • Polish: Skarb
  • Russian: Сокровище (pron. sokrovishshye)

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